Stop Animal Testing Persuasive Essay

Animal Testing is the experimentation of products on animals. This testing is used to study the effects and how safe a product is for humans. I choose this topic because the vast majority of testing on animals is cruel and inhumane. For all the animals that are killed by the tests performed on them, most of the tests are inconclusive and provide wrong information. The testing kills innocent animals and this method of testing should be stopped. ***The end of brutal animal testing would save millions of innocent animals and lead to better results in the experiments.
Laboratory methods used on animals are inhumane and brutal. The definition of animal testing from Biology Online is, “use of animals in experiments and development projects usually to determine toxicity, dosing and efficiency of test drugs before
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Practically every consumer in the United States will have one or multiple products that are tested on animals. The most popular companies that test on animals are Dove, L’oreal, Maybelline, Coppertone, Clean and Clear, etc. (Gala, 2013). The list goes on and on. These companies are receiving your hard earned money and spending it on the testing of innocent animals. The testing may provide a newer version of the same product but at the expense of lifes. It’s shocking to think someone’s favorite brand or product has made it to their household after killing, perhaps, hundreds of animals. By learning about what companies test on animals, a consumer can stop purchasing them and can slowly stop the higher production of the company. More than 1,100 companies have banned animal testing but more need to be stopped (Martinez, 2015). Some popular companies that have banned animal testing are (Gala, 2015). By not buying from companies that test on animals, you can send a message to the companies that you will not use your hard earned money to buy their products unless they switch to alternative

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