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  • The Pros And Cons Of Lockout Laws

    The contentious debate over New South Wales government’s decisions to introduce new lockout laws has been heating over the past months. However, amidst the disagreement, Kings Cross has seen a 32 percent reduction in assaults since the laws were passed, while assaults in the Sydney CBD have fallen 26 percent according to the Bureau of Crime Statistics and Research (BOCSAR). The NSW Government has introduced new laws that close Sydney’s music clubs to new guests at 1:30am and ban selling alcoholic drinks after 3am. The legislation was passed two years ago by the state government, following a number of high-profile assault cases including Daniel Christie one-punch killing. The authorized law aims to restrain further alcohol-fuelled violence for the safety of many in the Kings Cross and Sydney CBD entertainment precincts. Even though the controversial reform was introduced two years ago, there is still uncertainty whether Sydney lockout laws are utility or futility. Governments across Australia are thoroughly observing Sydney’s lockout laws, desperately hoping to refrain alcohol and drug fuelled violence into other nightlife precincts, while criminologists and health experts are gathering to evaluate whether the government had made a correct decision. The lockout laws have mainly affected the entertainment district which stretches across the Sydney CBD, Surry Hills, Darlinghurst, the Rocks, Kings Cross and Cockle Bay. In the 6 months since the laws came into effect, there have…

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  • Etl Case Study Essay

    But there are 47% of people can not take their parcel at home due to working, so people would change their place of delivery which was convenient. In light of this, Woolworth cooperate with eBay in delivering parcels. In other words, people can pick up their product in branch shop of Woolworth which they order online. This is an important step in Woolworth strategy of aggressively growing because it is departing from traditional retailing format. Moreover, Woolworth in accordance with membership…

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  • Case Study: Glass JA V San Sebastian

    The New South Wales Court of Appeal decision in Minister Administering the Environmental and Planning Assessment Act 1979 v San Sebastian [1983] 2 NSWLR 268 portrays significant development in law regarding the negligence liability of public authorities in Australia. The case concerns the liability for economic losses experienced by numerous investors following the abandonment of a plan for the redevelopment of the Woolloomooloo in Sydney in 1972. Four of five judges of this case were in…

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