Etl Case Study Essay

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The main responsibility of ETL in Woolworth is providing information which the internal databases were extracting from marketing, sales, inventory, and billing; the external databases were presenting competitor and industry information, mailing lists and analyzing stock market. For instance, Woolworth was the first supermarket using the technology of EAN to mark order and identify inventory position around the world. Roger N. Farah, Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer of Woolworth Corporation said that managers can quickly and easier to find out inventory in which storage and where it is while they enter the order number of inventory in the data warehouse. Woolworth make use of this process cooperating with suppliers. On the one hand, it can reduce probability of error which has an influence on rear service, …show more content…
Colcord, the President and Chief Executive Officer of eBay shows that there are 60% of people shopping in the internet in Australia because they are busy on working or studying which lead them can not buying goods. But there are 47% of people can not take their parcel at home due to working, so people would change their place of delivery which was convenient. In light of this, Woolworth cooperate with eBay in delivering parcels. In other words, people can pick up their product in branch shop of Woolworth which they order online. This is an important step in Woolworth strategy of aggressively growing because it is departing from traditional retailing format.
Moreover, Woolworth in accordance with membership information to customized product and service for customers. In 2009, Woolworth united with HP, HP provides process and technology to create analysis and data management to consumers, in order to make a suitable product for people. Therefore, Woolloomooloo was the high-end customized brand of Woolworth, it could offer customers a series of special orders based on their demand information such as color, flavor, taste

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