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As of today I continue to be an EOP freshman who is the first from my family to attend college and the first to be on the right path of obtaining a bachelor’s degree. To be honest, I am proud to be an EOP student at CSUN not because they give me a small amount of money but because I like the idea of knowing that I am representing the impossible. As you know, people like me are not meant to go to college or even finish high school. Those basic assumptions are made based on our families’ social class or ethnicity. I know we all come from low income families that know nothing about college and who’s kids only grow up to learn that they must start working to help their families economically. EOP has helped me understand that I was meant to go …show more content…
The problem was that because I was applying to many colleges that meant there were more EOP applications and because I had so much on my plate, I decided I would do the EOP applications for the schools I would see myself going to. In other words, CSUN wasn’t on that list therefore, it was hard for me to squish another application into my time, especially when I was not only dealing with Leadership or Yearbook but also AP classes. Honestly, I wasn’t confused during the application process I was more like overwhelmed. When my counselor from Upward Bound who was a CSUN alumni stated how great the EOP program was in CSUN compared to the rest of the Cal states and how important it is to not only apply to the schools you want to go to but the schools that will actually help you in your academic career. When the deadlines approached and I was still working on my personal statements for the UC’s those were times when I just wanted to give up because I felt like I didn’t have enough time to answer the questions the way I wanted to. I remember feeling the pressure of time and remembering what Ms. Chapparo had told me, that it was a very competitive program to get into. Having all that in mind made me think that I didn’t have what it took. In other words, I thought I didn’t have an extremely sad story of obstacles to tell. When in reality everyone had their own unique story to tell, including myself. When I would show up to mandatory tutoring every day after school Ms. Chapparo would ask me “Are you working on your application”? It got to a time that she wouldn’t see any progress within my application. That is why she send me to Ms. De Leon a Tudor, who literally sat me next to her and helped

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