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Suggested Title: Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Husky Grooming!
Suggested Title: How to Groom a Siberian Husky?
Suggested Title: The Ultimate Guide to Husky Grooming!

Despite their thick double coats, Siberian Huskies are very easy to groom and only need to be bathed 1 -2 times a year unless they have rolled in dirt. Yet, the thought of tackling the mounds of hair they shed is enough to send most pet owners scampering for cover. So, here is a look at how to groom a Siberian husky and what you can do to deal with the problems that you will encounter along the way.
Husky grooming: A different kind of coat!
A double coated breed, the Husky has two layers of hair, a softer undercoat which insulates the dog and keeps him warm and a longer, top coat which has rough guard hair. This top coat is nearly weather proof and shields the animal
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For an adult dog, weekly teeth brushing along with special dental chews will be enough to prevent plaque buildup and periodontal diseases.
Eyes and Paws: Wipe out any discharge from the eyes immediately and check the paws to ensure that there isn't any gravel lodged in the pads
Fleas: When grooming, a flea inspection is a must. Use a metal comb with fine teeth to remove the fleas. Keep a container filled with hot water to dip the comb so that the fleas removed from the body can be drowned.
The tools you will need for husky grooming!
Make sure you have your tools ready on the table before you fetch the dog for the grooming session. This way, you will not have to leave an over energetic animal alone while you go about finding the tools you need. Your tool box should include:
• A coat rake
• A bladed tool for removing undercoat hair; this is known as the furminator and you will need one that is meant for long hair.
• Conditioning spray
• Blow dryer
• Metal comb
• Clippers
• Ear cleaner and cotton wool
• Tooth brush and tooth

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