Ernest Hemingway Big Two Hearted River Summary

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An analysis of Big Two Hearted River by Ernest Hemingway:
The times during which Hemingway lived were an important influence on his writing. With the First World War being war the world had changed greatly. Both the Europeans and Americans had seen a ravaging and destructive war. A whole new generation of young people had seen and experienced this destruction. It seems Hemingway had selected the feelings and experiences of this generation to express through his writing. Hemingway like the other modernist writers was critically honest with his topic. The modernist writing took place after the First World War and Hemingway held an important place among all the modernist writers.
The war had resulted in severe disorder and destruction and those left alive were feeling destroyed from inside. In this regard the author chooses to tell the story of Nick who is trying to find his way out of the complications of human society and to put things in order by being with the nature. Trout’s and grasshoppers are important
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A war ravaged field and black grasshoppers all are used to indicate towards the costs of the war and how it can annihilate us. However, the effects of the war on the human conscience can be deeper. Hemingway’s work is full of symbolism where he is trying to portray the difference between the calm of nature and the existing complexities of the human society which can drive someone mad as Nick is feeling. He is running from the noise of the society towards the silence of the nature to find peace and gain his lost energy and joy. Camping and fishing have a healing effect on him and in this way the author also points towards the healing effect of nature. Hemingway’s work is set in the post-world war me era and primarily deals with the trauma the war had left behind and the things that humans had forgotten trying to find their destiny through

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