Importance Of Fashion In Ancient China

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Explain why was fashion very important in Ancient China? The fashion from Ancient China was an important aspect in the Chinese culture. Ancient China society was strict on clothing and this was reflected in its elaborate garment. Fashion trends usually change over time because of new emperors from each dynasty. Clothing later became part of people’s lives in Ancient China, it represented their culture but mainly the differences in social status based on the hierarchy. Ancient Chinese fashion has also influenced modern fashion through its timeless design and aesthetic.

[Describe the historical background of fashion in Ancient China.]
The society in Ancient China was believed to be strict when it comes to the law in China. This belief all
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In weddings in Ancient China, the groom and bride would wear the colour red. The colour red symbolises luck, happy and success. Another reason why clothing became important towards the Chinese in Ancient China was because it represents their differences in social status based on the hierarchy. Lower classes would wear loose fitting pants and shirts made out of hemp or ramie for them to move easily in the fields.The material is, however, rough but it 's durable, good for working in the fields and also very affordable to purchase. High ranking citizens would, however, wear silk which is soft and smooth made out from cocoons of silkworms. Both genders would wear a dress jacket with an upper short shirt jacket/ waist jacket, lower floor-length skirt, long silk belt with a ring jade and a cotton shawl around arms, known as a Hanfu (漢服). The Hanfu would often have detailed embroidery of a dragon or flowers behind the garment made out of colourful wool, linen and hemp. Overall, clothing in Ancient China became important towards them because it reflected their culture and differences in social status based on the …show more content…
With their strict society because of Confucius’s beliefs that a strict social order and discipline was the key to a positive society. Reflecting on clothing based on the hierarchy structure such as lower class was only allowed to wear clothes made out of hemp or ramie. Every dynasty, new emperors would unify fashion trend like emperor Qin Shi Huang unifying the colour black. Clothing in Ancient China represented their culture during the dynasty because is reflect on their cultures such as the groom and bride would wear a red gown. Another reason for what their clothing represented was because of the differences in social status based on the hierarchy of upper class would wear a garment made out of silk called Hanfu (漢服). Modern fashion designers are inspired by the clothing from Ancient China such as Guo Pei, who designed a huge sunflower-yellow cape, inspired by the emperor 's uniform. Overall, the fashion had a significant influence on Ancient China as it was part of their

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