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  • Causes Of Violence In America

    Violence in America:Are Video Games The Cause? Video games are rising in popularity due to the increase in technology. In fact, states, “As many as ninety-seven percent of United States kids age twelve through seventeen play video games”(Do Violent Video Games Contribute to Youth Violence?). Nearly one hundred percent of teens in our society are growing up around multiple kinds of video games, which is a surprising amount of children. In the video game industry, there are plenty…

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  • Violent Video Games Benefits

    The Benefits of Gaming Did you know that the domestic video game industry today is priced at around 21.53 billion dollars? Ever since video games were released there has been controversy over its effects on the youth mind. These debates have become even more heated since violent video games have become increasingly popular. However, video games are beneficial to youths because they allow them channel their stress safely. Firstly, all video games are beneficial to youths, even the violent ones.…

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  • Ultimate Violence Simulator

    interactive violence media known as video games has ascended to the public. This form of entertainment over the course of time has gained a certain charisma among its fans; however controversies cloud this form of media one side suggesting…

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  • The Great Console War Analysis

    The Great Console War Game Title: The Great Console War Intended Audience: The primary audience for this game is gamers and anyone else who has an interest in the business behind the video game industry. High Concept: In this game, players take the role of a major video game company during the launch and lifetime of a new video game console. Players first start the game by designing their own video game console and a series of launch titles. After the launch of each console, players must…

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  • Nintendo's Business Strategy For The Wii U.

    STRATEGY: Market Strategy 1. Reaching Beyond Existing Gamers The market segment of Nintendo is focused of first time games. Their aim is to have people to have fun when playing the games, they want to introduce games to those who are not avid players. Their ability to have women, children and men who aren’t interested much in games to enable to play. 2. New and Easy-to-use Controller Their strength lies in having easy to use controllers, which is much different from its…

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  • Does Violence In Video Games Influence Violent Behavior

    in Video Games Influence Violent Behavior? The video game industry is the fastest growing entertainment industry the world has ever seen. In 2015, it was worth over $90 billion, more than double the international film industry. But video games have also become one of the most polarizing forms of entertainment or media to date. Their fans love them and simply cannot get enough, while their detractors’ ire seems to know no end. As with any form of media that contains violence, video…

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  • Importance Of Violent Video Games

    Kids should not be playing violent video games because of links to bad behavior. As many as 97% of US kids age 12-17 play video games, contributing to the $21.53 billion domestic video game industry. More than half of the top 50 selling video games contain violence. US psychologist Christopher Ferguson says an increase of violent films in the latter half of the 20th century coincided with decreased societal violence, while rising popularity of violent video games also came together with less…

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  • Video Games Addiction And Social Responsibility

    Video Games Addiction Antonius J. Van Rooij, Gert-Jan Meerkerk, Tim M. Schoenmakers, Mark Griffiths and Dike Van De Mheen they authored the article " Video Games addiction and social responsibility " in how gamers get addicted to video games and how the companies should be responsible about the effects which is important to not change the gamers behavior. The article has been received on the 2nd of July 2009 and it has been accepted on the 7th of July the same year. Later on, in October 2010…

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  • The Negative Influence Of Video Games In Today's Society

    It is often speculated that video gaming seems to be a solitary activity due to misdirected criticism at the industry itself. In reality however, a large part of what makes playing video games enjoyable is being able to communicate your individual gaming experiences to those around you partaking in similar activities. Many developers in the industry today have taken advantage of this breakthrough in communication technology and use it to influence the social aspect of today’s culture. Not only…

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  • Pros And Cons Of Online Sports

    play video games of those 700 million play online games, as of 2013. Compare that the 3.8 million people who play some sort of organized sport. These numbers show that more and more people are playing video games, in this day and age where people are more connected than ever before it is only a matter of time until video games are considered a sport. Now I am not comparing video games to football or baseball, which are highly physical orientated sports, what I am saying is that video games can…

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