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  • Video Games And Bullying

    It is true that violent video games can help a child increase their hand eye coordination and speed up their neural pathways. By playing video games children learn how to handle situations through hand eye coordination, by having to react quickly to what is being show to them on the screen. Because a child has to react so quickly this helps to speed up their neural pathways. According to Margaret Shotton, “This allows knowledge to travel around quicker, thus speeding up judgments and decisions,…

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  • Differences Between Anime And Video Games

    Anime and video games are two subjects that play an important role in both eastern and western popular culture. The ascension of both anime and video games into popular culture originated first in Japan, and eventually their influence spread across the globe. I’ve been engrossed in both subjects since I was young, and I believe my appreciation for both was no coincidence. Anime and video games, after all, have always felt similar to me, but why is that? To answer that question, I will consider…

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  • Immersion In Saving Private Ryan

    Have you ever been watching a movie, or playing a game, that had you so immersed, you needed to remind yourself this was a fantasy? Storming the beaches of Normandy, traversing the galaxy on an Imperial Star Destroyed, or slinging through downtown Manhattan next to Spider-Man, all different mediums of film, television and video games have the power to integrate their audiences into their world, and create an exciting and enjoyable experience. When fanfiction develops, techniques are employed…

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  • Gamification Of Education Essay

    smartphone makes it a lot easier —what appeared like a cumbersome task years ago, now it is as easy as playing a game. Well, technology and gaming have moved into our classrooms too and they are there to stay. Gershenfeld (2014) describes gamification as “applying the principles of game design to solve real-world challenges” (p. 55). There is no doubt that applying technology and the principles of video gaming for educational…

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  • Negative Effects Of Gaming

    Game , online and offline, has become a national pastime and hobby for many. With the adoption of console gaming, the trend has gone from the desktop computer, to the big screen television in your living room. With the introduction of console gaming, the age group of gamers has gone from adulthood to elementary aged kids. Several effects have come about since the dawn of gaming and have gone even further, since console gaming began its trend. Some effects are good, but with every good effect,…

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  • Personal Essay: My Passion For Mechanical Engineering

    The true definition of an engineer changes depending on the person defining it. For an infant in the depths of the Saharan desert, an engineer is the person who fixes the pump that brings water to her village; for a teenager hooked on video games, an engineer is the messiah who reboots his virus-stricken computer right back up to normal. Amongst this variety of definitions, however, lies a singular fundamental linking factor: an engineer is someone who makes a positive impact in your life by…

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  • The Pros And Cons Of Digital Ownership

    option for consumers, and producers, when choosing how they want their entertainment. For decades, we have had access to recorded music, pre-performed and stored movies, and digital video games. These technologies have advanced from the walkman, Videocassette Recorders, and cartridges; to MP3 files, Netflix, and online games. There is no longer necessarily a need to go to the store to purchase and access entertainment. However, there is still a definite desire for people to have a tangible…

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  • Violence In Violent Video Games

    never had any sort of video gaming system. My parents never invested in the activity and I never felt the desire to have video games, until I was about 12. I received my first gaming system, which was a Nintendo GameCube. I had two games…

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  • Personal Narrative: How Video Games Changed The World

    Video Games changed the World Too this day, I hear my dad tell me stories about how he used to play Pong all of the time as a kid. Now, imagining playing that game blows my mind. Many people do not know what the actual definition of video gaming is. Video gaming is an electronic game played by means of images on a video screen and often emphasizing fast action. The video game world today has drastically evolved from what it used to be. Games have evolved from little balls that went up and down,…

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  • Violent Video Games In College Students

    describe video games. I’ve been playing video games for over five years now and have noticed the increase in violence. I remember one of the first really violent games I played “Grand Theft Auto: Vice City”. As an 8 year old kid playing this game, rated M for mature, filled with lots of death, sex, and abuse of drugs and alcohol it led to be the gateway into my life of playing violent video games. I believe that video games are not the cause for making people violent. This is because violent…

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