9/11 Apocalyptic Films Essay

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Case study 1
Apocalypse and the influence of 9/11 on the apocalyptic movies
Apocalypses have always been in people their heads, the thought of the end of the world has been and still is really popular in the film industry. Bendle says “Apocalypses are one of the oldest narrative forms, and they have informed some of the most imaginative and terrifying imagery in cultural history” (Bendle, 2005). In the years before 9/11 the apocalypse movies, books and magazines have been a great and widely theme all around the world, people never seem to be bored seeing apocalypse movies. John Wallis and Kenneth G.C. Newport say “The topic of apocalyptic thought in popular culture is not new” (Newport, 2009) “Over a dozen books have been published in the past five years alone” (Newport, 2009). The influence that 9/11 had on the people was tremendous, the influence 9/11 had on the film industry and primarily the apocalyptic films was and still is huge. In the majority of the films made after 9/11 the government and the people are powerless against these apocalyptic forces. Wallis says “Indeed, the post-9/11 movies deposit scenarios where science, technology and the government are, at best, powerless against the apocalyptic forces and at worse willingly complicit with them” (Newport, 2009). The scene of most apocalyptic movies changed, a great part of the movies has a plane crash in them, which makes a strong connection with the 9/11 attacks. In other movies you see people blowing up
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Commercial television has more connection with post-modern pieces of the theatre than most people think. Simon says “Commercial television is not so much a vast waste-land, as some of his critics have charged, but a magnificent post-modern warehouse overflowing with some of the great drama of the past” (Simon,

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