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  • Mental Illness In Video Games

    some form of gaming (Brand & Todhunter 2015). Evidently a large majority of Australians are playing games and almost half of Australia is suffering from a mental illness, however there has not been much research into the correlation of moderate game consumption and mental illness, rather most research has been focused on addiction. This study will investigate if there is any link between video games and mental illness, and help determine any positive or negative effects in regards to mental…

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  • 9/11 Apocalyptic Films Essay

    Case study 1 Apocalypse and the influence of 9/11 on the apocalyptic movies Apocalypses have always been in people their heads, the thought of the end of the world has been and still is really popular in the film industry. Bendle says “Apocalypses are one of the oldest narrative forms, and they have informed some of the most imaginative and terrifying imagery in cultural history” (Bendle, 2005). In the years before 9/11 the apocalypse movies, books and magazines have been a great and widely…

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  • What Is The Influence Of News Media Influence On Gamers?

    on the video game controversy by major news media outlets had helped promote certain views of video games; to a degree, set a moral panic of perceived violent and sexist video games. While the narrative that certain videogames have an influence on gamers is presented by the mass media, there is still another side of the story. The gaming community is considered to be very welcoming, diverse, and inclusive, having people of different backgrounds enjoying the medium. While…

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  • Violent Video Games Cause And Effect Essay

    Video games have existed since the late 1950s, but they only became a part of modern culture in the1980s. Since then, games have underwent huge changes, yet they still face the same troubles as they did back in the day. There is this idea that playing a video game, particularly a violent one, makes you violent. There are many other claims that video games produce effects on the human mind, such a detachment to reality, or the tendency to commit crimes, even nonviolent ones. However, video games…

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  • Argumentative Essay: The Influence Of Video Games

    The truth behind video games. "If our lives are already written, it would take a courageous man to change the script." Alan Wake, Video game character. Video games takes us to different amazing worlds as we live and see life form the game characters prospective, on the same day I can kill the entire earth population on video game and save the planet earth from alien invasion on a different game. The only limit on video games industry is human imagination. Moreover, Video games forms our modern…

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  • Essay On Psychological Addiction

    personally, was diagnosed with a psychological addiction video games. Even though it’s not officially recognized as a disease in the United States, several other countries have accepted video game addiction as a mental illness, and have set up treatment centers for it. When I started this project, I was dreading spending endless hours on research, however when I actually started researching I found a lot of…

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  • Sexualization In Media

    Sex has infiltrated our media and advertising so broadly, and causes mental and/or emotional harm to women and children more so than men. Not only do movies and television shows exploit one of mankind’s most innate needs, but advertisements and video games also utilize this character weakness in our society. The reason that this is such a huge concern is due to the impact it is leaving on today’s children, the influence it has on our society’s adolescents and young adults and the way is has…

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  • The Role Of Censorship In Women's Pornography

    Society portrays women as stereotypical models of idealistic standards on how they should look and act. Music videos expose women as sexual objects and inferior to men. Video games are a form in which media promotes and spreads the misogynistic ideal. Television shows exploit women as sexual objects. Music videos, video games, and television shows symbolize women as sexual objects causing no inspiration to stop violence against women and the spread of anti-awareness toward women’s rights. Many…

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  • Video Game Addiction Paper

    use of games to enhance the potential of students’ learning is an interesting field of research. This paper discusses, the impact of students’ learning through games based on Scarlatos & Scarlatos’s (2008) article on the same. This paper also describes one of the major problems of the video game industry that is “video games addiction” which can be related to the educational games ("Video Game Addiction," n.d.). In other words, it focuses on “why students get addicted to educational games?” and…

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  • Negative Stereotypes In Video Games Essay

    Video games keeps reinforcing these negative representations and stereotypes each title they release, this negatively impacts the consumers of these videogames by changing their view and expectations of females in reality. Elizabeth Behm-Morawitz & Dana Mastro (2009) stated that the male audiences prefer to choose an ‘’over sexualized’’ and that short term effects of exposure to female video games characters can influence gender related beliefs and self concepts’’. In the Game ‘’Metroid’’ the…

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