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  • Snapchat Moment

    When people think of the word “addicting”, they usually think of drugs or video games. The word “addicting” has a negative connotation, usually representing an unhealthy inability to stop. So naturally, no one would think of an app that’s limited to 10 seconds of entertainment at a time. At least, I thought I would not. But Snapchat has firmly ingrained its way into my life. Advertised as “The Fastest Way to Share a Moment!” (Snapchat), Snapchat quickly changed me into someone that can’t put…

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  • Causes Of Violence In Video Games

    Stop with the Blame Violence in video games has been a controversial topic from the conception of simple classic video games like Pac-man, Space Invaders, and Super Mario. This debate has pushed into the modern age and games like Grand Theft Auto, Call of Duty, and Halo dividing consumers and critics alike into two separate sides of the arena. In one corner, you have the critics relating, connecting, and blaming violence in the video games to many unfortunate and tragic events committed by the…

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  • Video Games Is Bad For Your Health Essay

    Why The Extensive Use Of Video Games Is Bad For Your Health There has been a lot of controversy about the effects video games can have on a person 's health. Many argue that they stimulate the brain and increase intelligence. But others point out the negative side effects that the majority of gamers choose to ignore. Though everyone may not visibly suffer from any problems, that doesn’t necessarily mean that they won’t eventually. A lot of these issues are permanent; few are temporary. The…

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  • Do Violent Video Games Cause Aggressive Behavior?

    the perpetrators of these terrifying crimes, all share in common? They all loved to play violent video games. But these boys are not the only ones to play such games, and a study done by Healthline in 2014 concluded that over 90% of children in the United States have played video games of some sort and around 90% of video games portray some violence (Barclay). Though many people believe video games to…

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  • Essay On Women In Video Games

    Video games have been criticized for their unequal and unrealistic gender representations for both men and women. Video game creators generally focus only on their male demographic, and ignore their female demographic. This might be in part due to the fact that technology has been seen as being more masculine, and as something that only males are good at. This socially constructed, or human created idea, has in the past and to this day discouraged many women from being more capable with…

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  • Video Games Effects On Children

    being drawn from reality into a violent and inappropriate place for a child to be. These games are not only distancing loving parents from their children; the games may actually be making kids more aggressive. Videogames can lead to violence by putting the player under a mountain of stress, distancing the player from a good source of guidance, and desensitizing the player to violence. To start, video games can be a huge cause of stress in the lives of some people. Stress is proven to be…

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  • Violent Video Games: The Effects Of Video Game Violence On Aggression In Children

    Number:7695759 Topic: The effects of video game violence on aggression in children. Introduction: As a child grows into middle childhood they are more exposed to the influences of their peers and . Video Games begin to become prevalent as the middle years as they are surrounded by technology and the influence of their peers. Although some video games can be very education, violent video games can create a detrimental impact to the social growth of a child. Violent video games typically…

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  • Essay On Video Game Violence

    are many ways to entertain oneself through modern media. All of these mediums have a varying level of interactivity in them and the most interactive can be seen as video games. This interactive study is based on the notion that violence in video games is the cause of violence in the real world due to the interactive nature of video games. I find this topic significant due to many other outlets of media either condemning violence in gamings or using violence in gaming as a scapegoat as the cause…

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  • Essay On Censorship In Society

    Censorship in Society: Positive and Negative Viewpoints Over the past several decades, American society has become a more vulgar and violent environment. As time goes on, more and more of our media consumption, whether it’s in television, billboards, video games, movies, or something else, all becomes subject to censorship. The use of censorship is an effort to block out what society deems too violent or risqué for children as well as the general public. However, in some cases, the sharing…

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  • Five Ways To Die In Minecraft

    floating mob that hangs around The Nether. There are many in the game and they look very cuddly and cute. The problem is that they are more viscous than they look. They will instantly go from cute to deadly when they start chucking fireballs at you. Also, that voice is just pure evil! DEATH BY TNT This one is pretty self-explanatory, but it will kill a lot of people. This is particularity evident for gamers who are new to the game because they are not cautious enough. Don't try to escape the…

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