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  • Imaging Vs Ultrasound

    modalities, such as ultrasound, has significantly helped researchers and health professionals visualise dimensional and morphologic changes within the tendon, such as may occur with overuse injuries amongst athletes. Both Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) and ultrasound have unique benefits and limitations. MRI may be better suited where there is a need for a differential diagnosis while ultrasound can be used to demonstrate active and passive movements in real time. Ultrasound is more portable…

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  • Essay On Ultrasound Machines

    Ultrasound Machine financing: Making Healthcare Equipment Affordable! Since the start of the new millennium, the medical industry has grown leaps and bounds and new advancements have been made in health and medical equipment. However, this latest medical advancement came at a price, quite literally, considering the fact that the sophisticated nature of these equipment calls for very high rates. Besides, when it comes to diagnosing diseases, doctors everywhere depend on medical imaging equipment…

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  • Ultrasound Pros And Cons

    HIFU - High-Intensity Focused Ultrasound is a treatment for Prostate Cancer. The high-intensity focused ultrasound uses high frequency soundwaves through an ultrasound wand that is inserted into the rectum to heat the harmful body tissues. The heat from the soundwaves kills the cancerous tissue. Discuss the "pros" and "cons" of this treatment. Pros – Outpatient Procedure, Procedure does not require cutting, if treatment does not help it does not interfere with other treatment options, extremely…

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  • Ultrasound Tech Case Study

    1. Who would be the best Ultrasound Technologist out there you would know? That’s right, me. It caught my eye one day while I was watching tv after softball practice and I was curious what I was going to be when I go off to college. This unique job stole my attention because I adore babies, especially my nephew, realistically this does not seem too hard of a job to do. Mainly all the things to get me prepared to graduate for high school I have already succeeded in. This job should be a task…

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  • Thermal Ultrasound Case Study

    Thermal ultrasound was used on this athlete. The idea behind using thermal ultrasound is to increase blood flow, increase collagen elasticity, decrease stiffness, modulation pain, and increase blood flow. The use of ultrasound was paired with light therapy because the certified has had two of his other women’s soccer player have positive results when pairing these two…

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  • Pros And Cons Of Ultrasound Essay

    6. The Controversies and Contraindications Therapeutic ultrasound has been used for various healing such as to treat injuries like muscle strains or runner's knee for a long time. However, the controversy on it still continues. There is limited evidence to support or refute its effectiveness and safety. Therapeutic ultrasound is not difficult to test, and present studies are not enough to persuade people that it works well. A recent study showed that it is unambiguously negative to us (Gam &…

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  • Career Essay On Ultrasound Technician

    Search I am interesting in becoming an ultrasound technician because it sounds like an easy job, that wouldn’t be too stressful. It is also a job that you wouldn’t have to worry about when you go home, your day ends when you get off work. The job pays well but when I have done a little bit of research on it before it has said that it depends on where you work, if you work in a hospital or an office. I don’t know much about being or becoming an ultrasound technician but I know they get paid…

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  • Persuasive Essay On Ultrasound Pregnancies

    take place at ultrasound appointments. This is an opportunity for the couple to see their baby together for the first time, a chance to hear their baby’s heartbeat together, and later in the pregnancy, an opportunity to learn the baby’s gender together. Unfortunately, sometimes the spouse cannot physically be there to enjoy the experience with the expectant mother. In a military community such as ours, sometimes the spouse is deployed on the other side of the world, and ultrasounds cannot wait…

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  • Pros And Cons Of Ultrasound Transducers

    “It should be emphasized that routine decontamination procedures and disinfection of the individual ultrasound probes only take a few seconds. Therefore, in our opinion, there is actually no reason that such a simple disinfection procedure should not be performed every time after using an ultrasound probe before using it on the next patient” (Sartoretti 2017). This quote is the reason this research was performed. Cleaning equipment, especially transducers, is something sonographers should be…

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  • Radiology: The Roles Of An Ultrasound Technician

    An ultrasonographer is responsible for using a specialized piece of equipment called a transducer which is held to the patient’s skin while emitting ultrasounds (Ilaslan, 2016). The resulting image is commonly called a sonogram and is the basis of all ultrasound technicians fundamental responsibilities, such as capturing the image, interpreting the image, communication with the patient, patient positioning, informing the sonographer, explaining instructions…

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