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  • Medical Imaging Technologist

    post-graduate degree. These include a Graduate Diploma in Cardiac Ultrasound and Graduate Diploma in Medical…

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  • Placenta Notice Case Summary

    Relevant Facts and Information: Ms. C is a 20 year old patient, and in early labor at 36 weeks. At 20 weeks, she was diagnosed with placenta previa via ultrasound. At her 34 week visit, another ultrasound was done, and it also showed placenta previa. Although the ultrasound is not infallible, it is very likely that Ms. C has placenta previa. With a vaginal delivery, the mortality risk for placenta previa is 100% for the fetus and 50% for Ms. C. To minimize the risk to herself and her baby, she…

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  • Light And Sound Analysis

    spectrum or audio frequency. Although the audible range differs from person to person, it is generally from 20 to 20,000 oscillations per second. Sound having frequency greater than the upper limit of the audible spectrum is called ultrasound. Prenatal ultrasound uses this ultrasound wave to see through the abdomen and shows us images of a baby in the womb. Sound having frequency lower than the audio spectrum is called…

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  • Transverse Cerebellar Diameter Case Study

    Since cerebellum lies in the posterior cranial fossa, surrounded by the dense petrous ridges and the occipital bone so it can withstand deformation by extrinsic pressure better than the parietal bones. The fetal cerebellum can be visualized with ultrasound easily. Therefore imaging the posterior fossa is becoming an integral part of many routine fetal sonogram. Several authors working on transverse cerebellar diameter (TCD) have correlated it well with gestational age, even in the presence of…

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  • Kreger2 Unit 2 Reflection Journal

    Kreger2 Key Words: down syndrome, ultrasound, infertility, miscarriage, oxytocin, postpartum depression, Apgar test, Huntington’s disease, dominant gene, and carrier • I have 2 stories, my first is a long story and my last is somewhat short. In June of 2011 my husband Jarett and I decided we wanted to try to have another baby. Our daughter had just turned two in April, we thought it would be a good distance in age. We had no trouble conceiving Kinlee, she was very much unplanned, our…

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  • Health Field Research Paper

    As many people know working in any health field is not an easy task. There are many life to death situations and decisions needed to be made to save a person’s life. The schooling is long and hard, and can take many years to accomplish one degree. These factors scare a lot of people away from working in the health field, but they don’t always see the good in it. You could save someone’s life, you’ll most likely always have a job and the pay is well enough to be able to make a living on your own.…

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  • Personal Narrative: The Perfect Mother In My Life

    time mom is very scary, but it makes life worth living. I’ve never had any experience, I’m young, and I have not successfully accomplished my career goals is what makes it horrifying. I still remember when I found out that I was pregnant, every ultrasound appointment, and the day my beautiful daughter came into this world. It amazes me how you can love someone pass infinity. Every day I strive to be a better mother than I was the day before. Every child deserves a great mother in their life and…

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  • The Gastrointestinal System In The Human Body

    The Gastrointestinal System The gastrointestinal tract is a collection of organs that work together to enable the body to digest and absorb numerous substances. It is often described as a long muscular tube starting at the mouth, and ending at the anus. The esophagus, stomach, small intestine (consisting of the duodenum, jejunum, and the ileum), and the large intestine (consisting of the cecum, ascending, transverse, and descending colon, the sigmoid, rectum, and anus), all make up the…

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  • Superbowl Commercial Research Paper

    think it was funny because the baby wanted the Doritos and he had to have the chip. The Commercial was about a pregnant lady who was getting an ultrasound, and the father was eating Doritos and was making a lot of noise. So the Mother said," Really, your eating Doritos right now." And so he waves the chip and the baby reaches out for it on the ultrasound and the dad keeps moving the chip, So the baby keeps reaching for it. So finally, the mother takes the chip and throws it. So when they throw…

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  • Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy Case Study

    tool used for HCM diagnoses. An echocardiogram is an ultrasound of the heart. The ultrasound machine, and probe will be used. It is important to clip the hair about two to four centimeters over the apex beat, which will give us a window into the heart. Ultrasound gel will need to be applied to the skin, and will need to soak into the skin for five minutes. The patient will be laying in right lateral recumbency on a soft surface. The ultrasound machine will be turned on, and the patient’s details…

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