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  • Visit To A Midwife Essay

    the pregnant woman comes to her first examination, the midwife must measure her blood pressure, height, weight and weight gain during pregnancy. The two most commonly used pregnancy detection diagnostic techniques are a transvaginal ultrasound and the abdominal ultrasound. Health care in pregnancy includes educating pregnant woman about her physical activity, eating habits, body care, clothing and footwear and sexual intercourse during…

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  • Elastography Essay

    programs and higher degree of health awareness there is relative decreased incidence of breast cancer mortality.(2) The main modalities which are used in breast imaging are mammography which is the reference technique, sono-mammography and MRI. B- mode ultrasound is considered as the complementary examination for the investigation of breast…

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  • Screen Film Mammography Analysis

    INTRODUCTION Over a quarter century ago, breast imaging has undergone continuous evolution since the introduction of the mammogram. More established modalities have been developed as breast imaging is continuously progressing new modalities and advances in applications. By improving efficacy in minimizing the morbidity and mortality, these improved technologies have helped in individualize evaluation of breast lesion as well as a treatment too. However in mammogram which is its inadequate…

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  • Narrative Essay On Hurricanes

    Surgical Hospital for an abdominal ultrasound. The Ultrasound Technologist name is Shannon Risher. During the ultrasound I asked Shannon if I could talk to her right after we were done with my ultrasound. Shannon said, “She would be glad to!” Shannon is 41 years old from Metairie, Louisiana. She looked normal on the outside, but when she told me what happened it changed my perceptions about her. During 2005 when Hurricane Katrina hit, she so happened to be the Ultrasound Technologist on…

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  • Radiology Career Research Paper

    career field that they go into. The careers that were mentioned above are those that people would usually choose from. For example, if someone wanted to become an Ultrasound Technician or a Medical Sonographer then their field of study would be specializing on the inside of someone’s stomach. One can also work at an OBGYN to do ultrasounds on someone who is pregnant. If they would rather work as an MRI technician then they will usually work in a hospital. If someone is going to be a MRI Tech…

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  • Pros And Cons Of Biomedical Engineering

    I. Introduction Thesis: Biomedical Engineering has enhanced medical equipment, biomechanics, and tissue engineering. II. Medical equipment. a. Medical imaging i. X-rays ii. Ultrasound iii. Robot that helps children III. Biomechanics a. Anthropometry i. Human movement ii. Treating injury IV. Tissue engineering and Genetic Engineering a- Tissue Engineering i- The relationship between Tissue engineering and biomaterials ii- Human tissue engineering b- Genetic Engineering V. Conclusion…

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  • Arterial Wall Essay

    arterial wall, precisely imaged using ultrasound technology. The anatomy of the arterial wall is illustrated in figure 4. The arterial wall contains three distinct separate layers intima, media and adventitia (figure 4). Atherosclerosis as described previously, affects the intima leading to intimal thickening, but here is no method available at present which can measure only intima thickness in vivo. However, intima-media thickness may be measured with ultrasound and an increase in intima-media…

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  • Elastography Imaging Changes The Mechanical Properties Of Tissue

    In strain imaging, ultrasound is used to image the response of the tissue to an externally applied force (stress). The tissue response is in the form of displacement and can indicate the stiffness of the tissue. There are certain limitations for this method, one of the most…

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  • Implanon Case Study Essay

    26-year-old woman, gravida 3 para 2002, with an Implanon in place for 29 months, presented with a chief complaint of cessation of menses and a positive home pregnancy test. A viable singleton intrauterine pregnancy was confirmed via transvaginal ultrasound. The crown-rump-length was measured to be 0.41 cm, which was consistent with an estimated gestational age of 6 weeks and 1 day. At this point, the Implanon was immediately removed intact. The patient had no significant medical history and…

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  • 3d Sonohoscopy Lab Report

    Comparison of 3 dimensional sonohysterography versus hysteroscopy in Premenopausal women with abnormal uterine bleeding Department of Obstetrics & Gynecology, Ultrasound and Fetal care unit*, Ain Shams University, Cairo, Egypt. ABSTRACT Objectives: To compare between the diagnostic accuracy of 3D sonohysterography and hysteroscopy in detection of intracavitary uterine abnormalities in premenopausal women with abnormal uterine bleeding. Patients & Methods: In this study fifty female patients…

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