Argumentative Essay On Ultrasounds

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Since well before the landmark decision of legalized abortion, Americans had pounder the questions surrounding the abortions arguments. Roe vs. Wade passed in the Supreme Court in the year 1973 legalizing abortion for women across America and protecting their abortions under the Fourteenth Amendment (McBride). Ever since the bill was passed, nearly 59,000,000 legal abortions have taken place in United States (Numbers of Abortions). This issues has become a national phenomenon. Not only does this issue effect women, but it has a tremendous impact upon the medical community. A nurse can face abortion in her daily routine depending on her specialty. For many years, nurses based their moral opinion of abortion on religious worldview; however, the …show more content…
The legality of the topic has been one of the abortionist favored argument. Even though an ultrasound machine cannot measure legality of an issue, it does disproves claims that made abortion legal. Currently, policies have shifted which make ultrasounds a requirement before an abortion can be preform. A women must legally be able to see, hear, and have a description of the baby’s age and organs as an ultrasound is being done (Fletcher). The women in question must as be given accurate information including images of the ultrasound and details of how the baby is doing health wise (Fletcher). Before this policy was adopted, arborist would push their agenda by claiming the abortion a constitutional right since the child was just a fetus. However, when ultrasounds are used in pre-abortion consultations, many women learn the how the claims are a …show more content…
This advance in technology is able to create a tangible and real connection between the mother and the baby. The more women who view ultrasounds, the more children that can be saved. The Biblical view on life has been proven through ultrasounds by showing the progression of the child in the womb. Regardless of religious views, ultrasounds have debunked the claims that a baby is not alive until later in the pregnancy. Ultrasounds have also sparked the pro-life movement with millennials and has given a new voice to the

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