Transactional leadership

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  • Assignment 2: Transactional Leadership Vs Transformational Leader

    confident. I need to improve more on my performance to become a great leader. 1.2 Leadership Theories Transformational leadership is a type of a leader that possess the positive attitude towards their employees. Being a…

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  • Difference Between Transactional And Transformational Leadership Styles

    Rules will have to be set for everyone to abide by and being able to stand firm with those rules allows for the home to run smoothly and each person knows what is expected of them. Transformational leadership is important as the women have to play an active role in rebuilding their lives as well as learning how to make good choices for themselves. Each woman will have input on their case plan, volunteer responsibilities, and living conditions. It is important to realize that these women have…

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  • Transactional Leadership Paper

    The Transactional Leader/Follower Exchange Low-level managers are usually transactional leaders that operate the business entity (Kotter, 2013). They are the face of the business and execute the operational aspects of the organization on a day to day basis by following the strategic business plan for success which includes enforcing rules and policies and meeting goals and objectives devised by executives (Bisel, Messersmith, & Kelley, 2012; Kotter, 2013). Transactional leadership is…

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  • Transactional Leadership In Nursing

    on following a combination of transformational and transactional leadership models because it is lead to job satisfaction (Roberts-Turner et al., p. 236, 2014). A transformational leader creates a positive environment for the nursing staff to achieve optimal work performance, while setting high standards of care. A transformational leader values time for reflection, intellectual stimulation, and leadership research development. A transactional leader believes in a reward system for good…

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  • The Pros And Cons Of Transactional Leadership

    Transactional leadership treats work as a transaction in order to let everyone knows where they stand. For instance, an employee agrees to perform specific tasks, if the employer agrees to pay the approximately equal wages. Those specific tasks can be evaluated by the established measurable criteria, if performance does not meet the expectations, the transaction (wages) can be negotiated. In other words, leaders have the leverage to fire or demote its follower. Likewise, a follower who meets or…

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  • Transactional Leadership Style In Nursing

    Transactional Leadership Transactional leadership style is another important leadership style to have in many different situations. According to Marquis and Huston (2012), one who follows transactional leadership is “concerned with the day-to-day operations” (p. 13). They are worried about doing the tasks that they do for every patient, every day. In this situation, the transactional leader would have focused on the day to day tasks. She would have been a caretaker to the patient and did what…

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  • Bernard Bass's Transactional Leadership Theory

    Transactional Leadership Transactional Leadership was first introduced by Max Weber in 1947 and later by Bernard Bass in the 1980’s. Transactional leadership came about because prior leadership was based on traits and situations; scholars realized that sometimes leaders need to be more contingent on rewards and punishment in order to get things done (Day & Antonakis, 2012). Weber (1947) stated that transactional leaders were bureaucratic and sought change in their work environment through…

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  • Rays Of Sunshine: The Transactional Theory Of Leadership

    Transactional theory of Leadership- Leaders guide and empower followers by directing them by establishing clear goals and tasks. Task2a Rays of Sunshine is a charity formed in 2003. The charity helps to brighten the lives of young children dealing with severe illnesses that is a struggle in everyday life. The goal of the charity is to grant wishes to the children no matter how big or small and they try to achieve them. The function of the manager in Ray’s of Sunshine is to over see the…

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  • Transactional Theory Vs Transformational Leadership Theory

    Transactional and Transformational Insurance Leadership Theories Although Burns (1978) is still credited with the identification of transactional and transformational leadership, Downton (1973) coined the term “transformational leadership” in his book Rebel Leadership: Commitment and Charisma in the Revolutionary Process. He examined the variations in leadership of ordinary, rebellious, revolutionary, and reform leaders. Burns’s research made a lasting impact on political leaders. He was…

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  • Full Range Leadership Model

    Full Range Leadership Model Evaluated and Applied to Tony Abbott and Barack Obama Lara Stapleton The University of Sydney Abstract The influence of leaders is ubiquitous across societal demographics. There are leaders of countries, organisations, and sports teams. The characteristics which create and maintain these leaders has been an active field of research for decades (Northouse, 2013). Emergent from the leadership research is the…

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