Transactional Leadership In Nursing

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Since I was a child, I knew I wanted to work in the health care field. As I grew older, I specifically chose to pursue nursing as a career path. I want to become the registered nurse (RN) that I would approve my family to be cared for. I admire nursing for treating each patient as an individual. I value empathy, honesty, and passion because we taking care of patient’s who are at their most vulnerable point due to illness. Regardless of their socioeconomic, religion, race/ethnicity, sex, or age we take care of them in a nonjudgmental manner and educate on caring and managing for their disease. Empowering a person after they have just been given bad news can make me feel as if I can make a difference. I appreciate and enjoy the impact we have …show more content…
I plan on following a combination of transformational and transactional leadership models because it is lead to job satisfaction (Roberts-Turner et al., p. 236, 2014). A transformational leader creates a positive environment for the nursing staff to achieve optimal work performance, while setting high standards of care. A transformational leader values time for reflection, intellectual stimulation, and leadership research development. A transactional leader believes in a reward system for good behavior, and punishment for bad behavior (Roberts-Turner et al., 2014). I believe having a reward gives a staff member another incentive to continue to work hard. Rewards can be monetary or nonmonetary, such as tuition reimbursement, free parking, and employee discounts. Both of these leadership styles motivate and promote a positive environment for the nursing staff (Roberts-Turner et al., 2014). In order to follow this leadership style, I must have a charismatic personality and be a good role …show more content…
In my SWOT analysis, I identified my strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. My strengths are being a team player, committed, and being a good listener. My weaknesses are delegation, avoiding conflict, and uncertain on what specific specialty to work in. Some of my resources that are available to me are the Internet, mentors, and continuing education. My threats are having very little experience and having an Associates degree. I plan on taking the NCLEX by mid September and begin interviewing for acute care facilities for my short-term goals. For my long-term goals, I plan on working towards my Bachelor’s or Masters. As a nursing leader, I see myself as a transformational and transactional leader because they provide a positive environment to work in. There will be many stressors while being a nurse, so I plan on balancing family and social life while still focusing on my career. Furthering my education to become a RN has taught be how to care for patients safely and earned me limitless job

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