Transactional leadership

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  • The Behavioral Leadership Theory

    Leadership Over the years, diverse research has been conducted to address issues pertaining to leadership. These studies have in turn triggered the development of various leadership theories that offer diverse opinions, and outlooks in relation to issues pertaining to leadership. Further, these studies have accounted for the development of diverse leadership philosophies and styles that determine the leadership patterns integrated by leaders (Northouse, 2014). Behavioral leadership The…

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  • Managerial Craft In The Workplace

    their organization in a genuine matter, even in difficult times within their agency. Under the practice of managerial craft, public managers can know how to use their personal efforts to influence organizational performance through leadership and goal site. Enabling leadership is one of the things that organizations, and their leaders usually…

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  • Conditional Outdoor Leadership: The Theory Of Leadership

    What is Leadership? This is a question with as many answers as there are people questioning. There are countless theories about leadership, what it is, and how it should be used; however, very few can be applied straight to outdoor leading situations without needing heavy adaptations. COLT is one theory that was specifically created for the outdoor leader, and Burns ' Transactional and Transformational theories also fit nicely into outdoor situations. A leader using one of these theories would…

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  • 5 Characteristics Of Exemplary Leaders

    Kouzes and Posner identify the five characteristics of exemplary leaders in The Leadership Challenge. These characteristics include modeling the way, inspiring a shared vision, enabling others to act, challenging the process, and encouraging the heart. Kouzes and Posner assert that exemplary leadership begins with character(Griffith & Dunham, 2015). Modeling the way is one of the fundamental practices in The Leadership Challenge. This practice is about establishing principles and standards…

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  • Affective Expression Group Analysis

    understand the different Leadership Styles. By understanding both we will be able to adapt ourselves during different situations. This requires constant practice and it does happened…

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  • Transformational Leadership Vs Traditional Leadership Style

    Traditional Leadership Styles This paper describes the traditional and new-genre leadership models and further details the differences between transactional and transformational leadership. The Industrial Era systematically designed organizational charts separating leaders from followers, but as hierarchies are becoming less linear, new-genre leadership models are penetrating the organizational charts, making traditional styles obsolete. As leadership concepts evolve, so does the perception…

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  • Transactional Leaders

    Research has shown Transactional leaders are known to be generous, warm, trusting, selfless, and cooperative (Barbuto, 2005). They are seen to be conscientious, dependable, and responsible, achievement orientated, and hold a concern for following established rules (Walumbwa, Wu, & Orwa, 2008), their decisions are usually perceived as accurate by their followers (Liu, Liu, & Zeng, 2011). Unlike charismatic leaders, transactional leaders engage in a relationship of reciprocity, there is a mutual…

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  • Kotter's Leadership Style

    (Quote on leadership).What is leadership? According to John Kotter, Leadership is coping with change. In this essay, three different leadership styles will be discussed. These leadership styles will be restricted to charismatic, transactional and transformational leadership. In addition, the leadership style of South Africa’s former political leader and state President F.W De Klerk will be compared and contrasted to these leadership styles. F.W De Klerk was first elected into parliament in 1978…

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  • The Role Of Conformity In Leadership And Teams

    Leadership and Teams - Conformity Tanya Schankel MGT300 – Principles of Management Colorado State University – Global Campus Melinda Curley August 23, 2015 Leadership and Teams - Conformity Leaders want their team to achieve goals that will promote the company vision, but not every leadership style will produce the desired outcome and performance of a team. Teams themselves are dynamic and have their own inner-workings that need to be satisfied before they become a cohesive group. Robbins,…

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  • Essay Bass Transformational Leadership Theory

    Transformation leadership theory posits that leaders transform their followers via their charismatic personalities and inspirational nature. The leadership approach seeks to produce valuable and positive changes in the followers with the ultimate objective being the development of followers into leaders (Shelton, 2012). When implemented in its authentic form, transformational leadership fosters the followers’ motivation, performance, and morale via a range of mechanisms such as the linking of…

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