I Am A Democratic And Transformational Leadership

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702- Assessment 2
Section 1
1.1 Based on the survey that I took, I am a democratic/participative type of a leader.
• As a leader, I try to feel to my employees that if they perform efficiently and effectively, they may get something in return.
• I try to motivate them by giving them rewards.
• I always look for the achievement of our goals.
• I like distributing the work’s responsibility to my employee, empowering them and guiding them to reach the goal and their decision. WEAKNESSES:
• Lack of confidence to talk in front of the people. Too Shy, Easy to get nervous.
• I should be more innovative and have a convincing power to persuade my employees.
• I should have a positive outlook towards the future.
• My emotional part of being me is subject to many questions.
• I should do more to be a good leader
• Above all, I have too much to learn to be a good leader. I need to excel on many occasions. I need to be confident. I need to improve more on my performance to become a great leader.

1.2 Leadership Theories

Transformational leadership is a type of a leader that possess the positive attitude towards their
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When it comes to duty supervisors of minimum-wage employees, for instance, a transactional leadership style can be more efficient and effective. In a fast food restaurant, supervisors, will be much more effective if they are interested with establishing their stations to run smoothly, rather than spending their time thinking on best ways to serve their food. While top management, area managers or sales managers can be more effective if they are transformational leaders. Executive managers need the intelligence to map out and publicize strategic missions, passing the missions down to transactional leaders for implementation of the desired

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