Assignment 2: Transactional Leadership Vs Transformational Leader

702- Assessment 2
Section 1
1.1 Based on the survey that I took, I am a democratic/participative type of a leader.
• As a leader, I try to feel to my employees that if they perform efficiently and effectively, they may get something in return.
• I try to motivate them by giving them rewards.
• I always look for the achievement of our goals.
• I like distributing the work’s responsibility to my employee, empowering them and guiding them to reach the goal and their decision. WEAKNESSES:
• Lack of confidence to talk in front of the people. Too Shy, Easy to get nervous.
• I should be more innovative and have a convincing power to persuade my employees.
• I should have a positive outlook towards the future.
• My emotional part of being me is subject to many questions.
• I should do more to be a good leader
• Above all, I have too much to learn to be a good leader. I need to excel on many occasions. I need to be confident. I need to improve more on my performance to become a great leader.

1.2 Leadership Theories

Transformational leadership is a type of a leader that possess the positive attitude towards their employees. Being a
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1.3. Leadership Role/Model’s
A. Howard Schultz Characteristic of a transformational leader:
• Encourage creativity to the employees
• Great communicator both Employees and Customers
• Great Motivator and inspirational
• Considerate and offer support to employees ideas
• He accept feedback from he’s employees
• He gave more power to employee decision regarding decision making in the company
Larry Page Characteristic of a Skills Approach leader:
• He is Intelligent and creative
• Ambitious and collaborative
• Appreciative and innovative
• He is inspirational
• He is open and helpful to he’s

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