Transactional Leaders Essay

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Transactional leaders are very goal driven, they are focused on the end result as opposed to how those results are achieved. If everything in the day-to-day runs smoothly and gets done then transactional leaders are happy. They can be seen as extremely bossy individuals, always giving orders but never taking the time to see how their employees are doing. Transformational leaders are different in their approach of achieving their goals. Instead of viewing goals as the most important part they also value how these goals are attained, participate in the process, collaboration, and team building. Transformational leaders are also growth oriented for their employees, both personally and professionally.

Cindy Borden, a former Dollarama manager,
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Charismatic leaders create a comfortable and welcoming environment using their charisma and social skills. They give their employees the feeling that their opinion matters and gives them confidence to speak up by listening to what they have to say. Lindsey shows this by taking the time out of her busy schedule to mentor her employees in a welcoming and judgement free environment, allowing them to speak their minds openly and honestly. An era of leadership which she would not fit into very well is the culture era. In the culture era employees, provided with the right culture, will be self leaders. Lindsey doesn’t fit very well into this because she provides the leadership for her team of employees, and beyond that she receives leadership from the company 's CEO and CCO. Therefore, with the high reliance on leadership from Lindsey and within the Petrotranz company she cannot fit into the cultural era

Lindsey being a transformational leader can be placed into the charismatic era because of how she chooses to interact with her team. However, the cultural era is not a good fit because of her reliance on having central leaders. Cindy is a transactional leader because she only cares about results, giving orders to her staff and not listening to what their opinions are. There are certainly situations where a transformational style is superior to a transactional style, and vice-versa. It is important for leaders to be able to read a situation and know what style will result in the best

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