Nelson Mandela Leadership Analysis

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Leadership is about having the ability to drive or influence people to achieve a vision or goal of the organisation. Three types of leadership will be discussed referencing the late South African leader Nelson Mandela who was a leader of the ANC and a former 1st black president of South Africa. Main focus of the discussion will be based on transformational, transactional and charismatic leadership style respectively.

Transformational leadership
The transformational leader is the type of a leader who motivates its team to be effective and efficient. This is the type of a leadership where by communication skills are very essential in conveying the message to the group on how the organisational goal can be achieved as well as to
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In 1952, he worked with Oliver Tambo to form a law firm which they called Mandela and Tambo. The law firm was only for blacks, to help blacks who couldn’t get a chance to be lawyers and learn about the politics and law.

Nelson Mandela is a transformational leader, even the time he was released from jail he stood and symbolised anti-apartheid movement. He was able to forgive the very same people who oppressed him, his family, his friends and his country. He was able to convince the oppressed people especially black people to look at their old problem which was apartheid in a new way by forgiving them.

Transactional leadership
The transactional leader is the type of a leader who has an authority to punish or reward a team / a group based on the performance. Normally, most followers follow the leader mainly because they expect to get something in
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Even when he became the president of South Africa, he encouraged peace, forgiveness and equality which shows that he really have the charisma inside him and he stick to his vision making sure that he does not disappoint his followers; that is why even today all different kinds of race have mega respect for him not only local but also internationally.

From all the three leadership style discussed and also considering his characters, charismatic leadership style seems to suit Nelson Mandela best because he succeeded to lead during the time of high stress, war, apartheid and were able to succeed in achieving freedom for the whole country ending segregation which was part of his vision. And one can conclude that leadership style become more successful depending on the situation, different kinds of people and the

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