Transformational Leadership Case Study

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 General studies There are number of evidences depicting that the employee performance depends upon the leadership behavior. Many sociologists identifies transformational leadership is the best among all and it suits for modern organizations. Modern business environment requires the kind of leadership style which increases employee performance and empowers employees to achieve the organizational goals. Many persons concluded that transformational type of leadership is better than transactional leadership as this do not give much importance to employee performance. The transformational leadership correlates with employee satisfaction and good organization performance. In any organization, if the leadership style gives more importance to the employees and their performance then ultimately the organizational goals can be achieved. Employee performance plays a key role in any organization. In transformational type of leadership, the leaders maintain a high quality relationship with the sub-ordinates. According to Bass, transactional leadership provides rewards to the followers based on their performance. In order to get rewards followers will be motived accordingly. On the other hand transformational leadership inspires the followers with vision, high expectations for excellence and followers performance. Howell and Bass found that transformational and transactional leaderships have positive direct effect on employee performance. The effect of

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