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  • Slide 1: Physical Properties Of Iron

    Corrected Text Slide 1: Properties of Iron Learning Objectives At the end of this class session, you will have learned about • Physical properties of Iron • Chemical properties of Iron Slide 2: Introduction After aluminium, iron is the most abundant metal. Iron occurs in the combined state as oxides, sulphides and carbonates. Slide 3: Explanation Physical properties of Iron Teacher: Good morning, students. Student: Good morning, ma’am. Teacher: Today we are going to learn about the physical…

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  • The Importance Of Being An Engineer

    Introduction I would describe myself as an engineering enthusiast, and have wanted to create things ever since I can remember. While it’s really hard to pin-point exactly why I’ve always wanted to become an engineer. I love the engineers give a purpose to mathematics and science, and use them to create the tools of our world. I want to experience the intellectual challenges engineers face. Engineers are paid well, and encouraged by everyone to solve the biggest problems of today. This report…

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  • Engineering Disasters In Engineering

    Engineering Disasters Within the confines of a single second your whole world can come crashing down. Throughout history, mankind has been met with sudden disasters at seemingly random turns from faulty bridges, to malfunctioning airplanes and unstable nuclear reactors. Yet, upon examination of the disasters, investigators have uncovered that the seemingly random turn of events had, in reality, occurred as a result of slight mistakes made by the engineers and mechanics that designed the…

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  • My Philosophy Of Education By Eisenhower

    scientists and engineers.” Within my lifetime I have heard an unremarkable amount of facts and figures concerning how much STEM is growing, and thus have been greatly encouraged to pursue a degree in these fields. I am planning to major in Electrical Engineering and my mother is very pleased about this because I, according to her “need to get a good job that will provide for my wife as well as my mother.” I can honestly say that if I were to tell her that I was changing my major to philosophy…

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  • The Pros And Cons Of Civil Engineering

    Engineering belongs in many different fields, but what makes them similar is the thought process of the engineer. Engineers have to have an innate curiosity about them they not only have to wonder about how the world the works and why it works that way, but have to look for opportunities to enhance life in every field they can. Civil engineers look at the world and land to create something different and functional then what was there before. Civil engineers mostly work on structures to help…

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  • Structural Engineering Personal Statement

    In the times when Construction giants are burgeoning worldwide, I chose Structural Engineering for a simple reason - It is what I have always desired to do. Being born in a family related to construction business since last 20 years in SURAT, I always had exposure to it and it insinuated interest in me. Accompanying my dad on his site visit during my childhood vacations fascinated me. Hence my future field was pretty much decided since childhood with an aim of joining my dad’s business. Although…

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  • Case Study: Cal Poly

    Building a Reputation with a Graveyard Since its creation as a college in 1903, Cal Poly has been a school well known for its prestigious Engineering and Agriculture degrees. Nowadays, however, Cal Poly has another major that people immediately think of when one mentions our school, Architecture. In 2014, Cal Poly was named the number one Undergraduate Architecture program in the nation, beating out other esteemed universities such as Cornell and USC. Rome was not built overnight however, so…

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  • Falling Behind Tietelbaum Summary

    criticizes the STEM program, citing the shortages of the program and implications of the policy on education and the workforce. His book excellently brings out a wealth of data and information, revealing the history of booms and bust in science and engineering employment. It as well outlines the shortages of STEM, as fault tool for lobbying for high skills and used to curb immigration. Even though the book presents great ideas in relation to challenges of investing in scientific research, it has…

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  • Argumentative Essay On Female Engineering

    Encouraging young women to enroll in engineering programs prompts the concern of how to maintain female involvement, especially when the material becomes increasingly challenging. Researchers for The American Association of University Women, pursued the question of why so few women are involved in science, math, engineering, and mathematics, and concluded in their 2010 publication, “Students who lack confidence in their math or science skills are less likely to engage in tasks that require those…

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  • College Admissions Essay: What I Want To Do After College

    learned about and how every body system was so intricate in its functioning. I also loved how different levels of organization affect upper levels of the body system. However, there was another class I found even more fun and intriguing than biology: engineering. I also was enrolled in “Introduction to Technological Education” during my freshman year. The class focused a lot on problem-solving with different situations. One of these projects was an egg-catching mobile that was powered by a…

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