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  • Importance Of Landscape Design

    Design is a very broad concept that requires many professional cross-integration, such as architecture, landscape architecture, structural engineering, etc. With people's increasing demands on landscape and architecture, designers must give full play to their imagination and creativity, tap deep into the context and geographical features, and understand the personality, background and cultural…

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  • Importance Of Civil Engineering

    constructions, due to my father’s profession in civil engineering, I was always connected to the construction world. Since I was a child, I have asked myself many questions related to the construction world.ironically the more I grew, the more questions I had. Like Socrates once said, “I know that I know nothing.” My connection with civil engineering started with my father’s career in civil engineering.…

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  • Design Studio-Based Education

    Abstract For a long time, design studio has been a core subject of architectural design education at all higher-learning institutions in Egypt. This type of education is based on practice and imitation; students solve problems and do projects through a process of thinking and doing. This education system, which is based on critique, attempts to increase the self-criticizing ability of students by providing continuous criticisms that help them manage their own projects and face future challenges.…

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  • Reflection: Middle School

    Throughout my formal education, I have always been learning about science. It began with relatively basic information regarding the solar system, weather, and other “simple” topics in elementary school. I can distinctly remember being very fond of space and wanting to learn more information in regards to it. For two consecutive years, I made a model of the solar system and gave a presentation on it to my class. Additionally, in the second grade, we took a class trip to the planetarium, which I…

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  • Engineering Disasters: Thomas Edison

    Engineering Disasters One of the most famous engineers was Thomas Edison who famously stated that “ [he had] not failed, [he had discovered] 10,000 ways that did not work”. Despite Edison’s numerous failures, he eventually perfected his version of the light bulb, got it patented and proceeded to make his invention available to consumers. Edison’s approach illustrates the engineer’s ideal process, as he repeatedly tests and perfects the design of the desired result before releasing the result to…

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  • How To Become An Engineer Essay

    every branch of engineering. Ways to Get Into the Field What do you need to learn to be able to get a head start as an engineer? You can study and read about science, math, and technology. You can visit technology museums. You can get involved with local Science Fairs and other invention challenges. But all you really need to do is think like an engineer: what problems would you like to solve? How would you solve them? Children from around the world have designed engineering projects that…

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  • Explain Why Do Engineers Follow A Code Of Ethics

    Q1: Why do engineers follow a code of ethics? (~ 150 Words) It is crucial for engineers to follow a code of ethics in order to manage and maintain the their behaviour towards their profession, employer, employee, society and clients. Engineers follow a code of ethics because it provides them a precise definition of what they are required to do as an engineer in their profession. In addition, it gives them a clear outline of their responsibilities in terms of how they are expected to behave and…

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  • My Goals And Reasons For Application To The University Of Waterloo

    lives. I have always been deeply fascinated by chemistry and mathematics, and I am highly motivated to achieve my goals in these fields. Thus, I recognize that by studying at the University of Waterloo, a university that offers the most illustrious engineering and mathematics programs in the country, it will fulfill my desire for knowledge and develop a solid…

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  • Ethics In Engineering Case Study Essay

    Regardless of the field of study, a challenging set of problems to solve is often related to ethics. Engineering is no exception. One specific scenario pertaining to ethics in engineering is about Rob, the manager of an electronic chip production firm, and his respectable coworker named Shane, the lead engineer of his production line. Shane’s team manufacturers and tests 100,000 chips yearly to assemble their final product involving prongs and spot plates. Unfortunately, certain chips are…

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  • Personal Statement: A Career As An Architect

    Are you a problem solver with plenty of creativity and a desire to take your ideas and turn them into buildings and spaces? Are you good at using the left and right side of your brain and enjoy solving problems and conquering challenges? As an architect you will be able to put your creative ideas down on paper and then turn those drawings into reality. It is a challenging, but immensely rewarding profession and few things can compare to the feeling of seeing your ideas turned into something…

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