Spiritual gifts

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  • Analysis Of Nikki Giovanni's Poem 'Ego-Tripping'

    Supreme Beings are divinities whose nature reveals a unique quality of being generally, a transcendent spiritual power. A basis of the worship in a religion. The supernatural is something that has not been fully understood. But it is known as an overpower ruling above the people of the world. In her poem "Ego Tripping  Nikki Giovanni is referring to herself as a supernatural being by referring to explaining her affiliation with Jesus, Allah, and perfect divinity Nikki Giovanni claimed herself…

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  • Role Of Paul In Christian Spirituality

    baptised (NIV Acts of the Apostles 19). Baptism and reception of the Holy Spirit initiate the believers into a state of being with Christ; a ‘oneness with Christ’. According to Bruce Christ’s ‘’historical death and resurrection become part of their spiritual experience; the baptism in the Spirit…incorporates them into one body’’ (Bruce 1977, 281). The Holy Spirit therefore is the central force in Christian initiation as it brings new believers into the body of Christ and into a family of fellow…

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  • Analysis: The Authentic Scripture

    ESV). The Holy Spirit grants spiritual gifts to believers which are to be used for the aforesaid purposes of God’s kingdom. The charismatic spiritual gifts are no longer given to Christians today because the canon is closed, and the extension of such gifts would suggest that God is still speaking authoritatively outside of scripture, and that the harvests of these gifts should be viewed equally with the words of God established in scripture. Christians are still given gifts of the Holy Spirit…

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  • Jesus's Essay On The Eschatology Of The Kingdom Of God

    Bible it says, “But if I cast out demons by the Spirit of God, then the kingdom of God has come upon you”, here Jesus is explaining how through Him, the Kingdom of God is coming and through His assentation into Heaven, He brings the kingdom into the spiritual realm of this world. In Mark 1:15, it says, “the time has is fulfilled, the kingdom of God is at hand, repent and believe the gospel”. Jesus is fulfilling the will of God and is calling to all that hear, showing them that Jesus Himself is…

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  • Materialist Behavioral Analysis

    life is altered daily by the use and disuse of material tools. Materialist behaviour identified communally, individually, and globally. Materials used to suit the purpose of their function was justified, but furthered to develop an emotional and spiritual connotation. Through modernized contextual behaviour associated with such material, the use of the function became conceptualized to influence greater than the being of the physical world. Emotional relationships developed with the material is…

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  • Paul's Ephesians: Summary

    unmerited and allows the believer to seek the things of God instead of darkness. Application: To receive the benefit of a new spiritual life and a new way of thinking, the believer must renew their mind (Illustration – Rom:12:2) BENEFIT 4: POSITIONING IN HEAVEN, BEFORE DEATH (v. 6-7) In verses 6 and 7, Paul expands upon the concept of being raised up into a new spiritual life by revealing that we have positioning in heaven and partial authority with Christ even before death. BENEFIT 5:…

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  • APU Evaluation Essay

    The purpose of this study is to evaluate the effectiveness of Azusa Pacific University (APU)’s Religious and Spiritual programs on current student’s academic success, engagement, faith and spiritual development. We wanted to further study how APU as a religious affiliated institution has had an effect on current student’s spiritual growth. We specifically wanted to see how experiences vary depending on the student’s class level, race, ethnicity, gender, and sexual orientation. Furthermore, we…

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  • Book Of Colossians Summary

    that came to visit Paul to discuss what was all happening with the church of the Colossians. The main issue that they were facing overall dealt with spiritual intimidation. Heresies, which are ideas that deviate from the standard, were throwing in ideas to make the Colossian people question themselves as Christians. Human philosophy was a spiritual intimidation that was going on. The heresies were saying that "it's fine to have Christ, but there is more to it than that." Paul then…

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  • Masks In African Art

    Unlike Western art during this time, African art was a functional part of African culture, everyday life, and traditional festivals. All art forms helped knit together members of the society. Africans used masks in order to symbolize the spirits, in their religious rituals. The enormous, sometimes scary mask gave control to the "spirits" which helped to maintain authority. The masks symbolized power, strength, and courage. They were often stylized with horns and tall heads, but most of them had…

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  • Myers Briggs Personality Analysis

    The spiritual gift of exhortation is often called the "gift of encouragement." It means to exhort, call upon, to lift up and to encourage. (Spiritual gifts). The purpose of the gift of exhortation is to remind people of the powerful and amazing work of God in Christ, and that Jesus died for our sins so that we could have everlasting life. Romans…

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