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  • Analysis: The Colbert Report

    Does watching the news make viewers laugh? Do they understand what the news show is trying to explain? Airing Monday through Thursday at 11:30pm, The Colbert Report, a television show, is a satire news show that displays an easier to understand form of news. The Colbert Report is a parody of the news show The O’Reilly Factor which takes on current controversial political issues. The star of The Colbert Report is Stephen Colbert. He plays a character on the show who is silly and sarcastic. The…

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  • Anonymous Protagonist's Personality Style

    Personality Type According to AnonymousProtagonist (2016), this writer’s personality type is an “ENFJ-A” (e.g., “The Protagonist”) that translates as “Extroverted,” “Intuitive,” “Feeling,” “Judging,” and “Assertive” (See Appendix B; AnonymousProtagonist, 2016, Your…, para. 1-18). To further elaborate, this writer is a people person who proceeds through the following steps when making a choice: 1) Internally focuses on a decision, 2) checks it with gut “emotions,” 3) implements that decision,…

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  • Church Volunteering Essay

    because those approvals could cause a person to lose the real focus of why they are volunteering. A person volunteers to help the service of the church operate smoothly as well as making the visitors and members feel welcome. Anyone given a talent/gift should use it to serve others to glorify God (I Peter 4:10-11 ESV). As volunteers, believers are helping man to please God. God wants to use the believer/follower to pass on something about Christ to others, such as kindness, joy, warmth, and love…

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  • 1 Corinthians 12 1-31 Analysis

    Spiritual Gifts and Unity in Christ from 1st Corinthians 12: 1-31 Paul’s words in his letter to the Corinthian church, lays an emphasis on the virtue and need for unity within these community of believers as it relates to the diverse operations of spiritual gifts (I Corinthians 12:1-31). This is because spiritual gifts and unity are interconnected and vital to their church experience and Christian life. According to him, our effectiveness as the church of Jesus Christ lies in our willingness to…

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  • The Examen In St. Ignatius Of Loyola

    began learning the process of discernment. As Ignatius deepened his spiritual insight, he brought together his meditations, reflections, and prayers, and created the Spiritual Exercises. They are used to assist with discernment through consistent prayer and contemplation, as well as to help build…

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  • The Early Christian Church

    the church’s spiritual…

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  • Personal Narrative: The Holy Spirit

    Spirit” (Ryrie 9). As Christians, we can know the Spirit’s presence by witnessing it in our own lives (Swindoll 258). In my life, His presence can be characteristics to His roles as helper, guide, sanctifier, and comforter; He also blesses me with spiritual gifts to fulfill God’s purpose and to mature me while I am spending my time at Grace University. Throughout my life, the Holy Spirit has…

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  • Radical Renewal Summary

    Reflecting Radical Renewal Radical Renewal was written by Howard A. Snyder, originally published in 1975 through his own personal experience while doing ministry work in Brazil. This book expresses that the church, and the body of Christ, need to be renewed on a consistent basis in order to grow spiritually. The essential meaning of this parable is the wine itself, and the secondary meaning is the wineskins. We are to replace the wine within the wineskins, yet it is essential to put the new…

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  • The Meaning Of God: Accepting The Call

    for the mission. Robinson stated, “Our acceptance of that calling means that we say yes to God and fearlessly abandon anything that does not work towards His end.” (Robinson 2013). The calling begins when you truly hear the word of God with your spiritual…

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  • Essay Comparing A & P 'And Wells Araby'

    for the girls. The similarities between Queenie and Mangan’s sister are taken further to the point of seductive gestures. Wells goes on to compare the pagan setting of the bazaar of Joyce’s “Araby” to Updike’s more spiritual setting of the A&P. Wells contrasts the future of the spiritual society of Updike’s “A&P” through the inappropriate attire of the girls being so different and foreign to those around them. In addition, Wells points out the surprisingly obvious similarities between the two…

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