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  • Things Fall Apart Religion Analysis

    their eyes closed. By having someone to guide them through life, it gives their lives purpose and a sense of direction. To add on to this, in an article titled “The Importance of Religion for Humanity”, it says “there is no doubt that these early spiritual beliefs acted as a guide for humans to explain the world around them” (Montville). The Ibo people live in a place and time where many things happen that can not be easily explained. Because of this, they looked to religion as a guide. Without…

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  • Buddhist Perspective Of Care Essay

    It is necessary for health care professionals to understand the care perspectives of diverse people so that they are able to support their preferred cultural and ethical beliefs. Likewise , nurses are able to provide effective care when their practices fall into the scopes of their beliefs as well . The Christian perspective of care is derived primarily from the New Testament and helps nurses differentiate between ethical and unethical practices. The Buddhist perspective of care is derived from…

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  • Ethnomusicology: The Meaning Of Music By J. Small

    and spiritual achievement, however, it only exist as a small portion in world music appreciation and it is the activities in academic environment. On the other hand, ethnomusicology deals with more general music genres such as popular music. Western classical music often regard as a training for all other music activities based on its social and spiritual meaning, however, Small believes that other genres which are defined under ethno music are sufficiently enough to give social and spiritual…

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  • Buddhism And Socrates Similarities

    A society that is unethical is going to collapse sooner than an ethical one. Buddha and Socrates understood the gravity of ethics in our daily lives, which is why they had complementary ideas about ethics. Many people focus on the spiritual ethics in Buddhism, but the similarities between Socrates and Buddha actually come from economical ethics. These pertain to the wealth of an individual, as well as the wealth of a community and government. Buddha's teachings included advice on how…

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  • Greek Wedding Culture

    Introduction What is culture? It the knowledge and characteristics of certain groups of people which are defined by language, food, music, art, social habits and religion. In this essay, marriage practices of three different cultures will be discussed. The first marriage practice will be from the Indian culture. I chose this specific culture as I love the bright colours and it is very different from my own culture. The second will be a Greek wedding as this is my own culture therefore I can…

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  • Justification In The New Testament

    Justification Justification by faith is the heart of the gospel. In order to fully understand the gospel, it is imperative to first fully understand the gift of justification and it’s glorious implications for us sinners. Justification by faith is what sets Christianity apart from every other belief system and religion. This subject however is no simple concept to grasp. There is nothing about justification that makes any logical sense, but rather it is only because of God’s radical love and…

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  • 16th Century Women

    To what extent were women actively involved in religious reforms during the sixteenth century? The Reformation was a period of overwhelming and extreme religious change throughout Europe in the sixteenth century. Although the major influences within the period of change were male, the Reformation also promoted a new standard for the roles of women in society, and through this, influenced the ways in which women shaped their identity as devout people. Despite the fact that women were actively…

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  • Introduction To Buddhism

    which every individual possesses the power to become a Buddha, standing for a mature human being. Buddhist philosophy instructs that people are merely one small ephemeral part of an interconnected and interdependent world. The heart of Buddhist spiritual practice loves kindness and pity. In the Buddhist teachings, animals are not lesser or “other.” This ethic is consistent with Buddhist philosophical systems of karma and oneness. A Buddhist practitioner, the maltreatment that you reflect on…

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  • Similarities Between Indigenous People And Druidism

    religion as old as time. Its members consist of people from all walks of life, and its practices are as diverse as the Druids themselves. They do not actively recruit new members but are happy to include any who show an interest in embracing the “…. spiritual journey of the individual’s soul, one that honours each unique vision and expression” (Orr, 1998, p. 13). Important questions to ask before committing to a life of Druidism is how the followers create order and meaning within their belief…

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  • Ethical Decision Making Reflection Paper

    Over the first 4 weeks of this class we have had many class discussions and readings, which have brought up a great deal of thinking. The class name Organization Ethics and Decision-making, speaks for itself when it comes to the things that can be talked about in this class. Our world is changing each and everyday and you have to stay on top of the way things are. In this reflection essay I will hit on different topics and speak in different ways that ethical decisions and value systems work…

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