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  • The Importance Of Political Merrectness In Children's Literature

    important to bring up various terms and critics according to the topic of political correctness. First of all, I would like to explain what does political correctness (PC) generally means and its importance in the context of education and children’s literature. “The central uses of the term relate to particular issues of race, gender, disability, ethnicity, sexual preference, culture and worldviews, and encompass both the language in which issues are discussed and the viewpoints that are…

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  • Why Do Children Read Books

    the sequence of the tricks that Cat in the Hat did when he got to Sally’s house. Discussions are also great to have about strangers, being left home alone, and what is allowed inside the house. Manners and conduct is another important lesson to kids so they know right from wrong. Also, to have a clear understanding that trick that are seen can’t always be done at home. Having the students search for sight words is beneficial to expand their vocabulary. Math can even be incorporated to the lesson…

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  • The Magic Tree House Book Report

    and Dear America series. I was addicted to reading as a child and that love has continued until today. I think one of the main purposes of children 's literature is to encourage children to want to continue reading throughout their lives, and by doing so, they will learn more about the world around them and learn to explore their imagination. The books I read definitely did this for me. In The Magic Tree House series, I was taken on adventures to castles, into jungles and onto the Titanic.…

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  • Science Fiction Definition

    think is part of a concept that they buy into, but instead adds elements of magic or horror that they weren’t prepared for and maybe would rather not deal with, the experience is disappointing. In addition, I think that new genres should be embraced so that people know more of what they are getting and to encourage new authors to rise up with new ideas. Accepting new genres as something separate and recognizing innovative young adult works as just that might lend a greater credibility to the…

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  • Alice In Wonderland Caterpillar Analysis

    The Caterpillar as a Teacher A Lewis Carroll’s book Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland has fascinated me since I was a little child. Now, as an (almost) grown-up, I keep discovering additional layers and ever fresh important messages, new insights, and wisdom hidden in it. My intent in this work is to shed some new light–also relying upon the foremost commentaries on the subject–on the significance of Alice’s encounter with the Caterpillar. Alice encounters the Caterpillar when she has already had…

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  • Explain How Fiction Has Changed My Perspective Of Literacy

    being filled with so much adrenaline. Just let me tell you how fiction changed my views in reading and writing and how it can possible change your perspective. In the article The Scholarship Boy and the author being Adam Lovell (1957) feels like the same as my main point in this. He talks about how mass media affected his life as he look at the newspaper. He wasn’t taught what was right or wrong but what…

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  • Suicide In J. K. Rowling's Thirteen Reasons Why

    The first time I began to read was in kindergarten, I don’t recall the exact moment I began reading since it was so long ago, but the first books I read were books with pictures and very little words. In about the second grade I started reading The Magic Tree House series by Mary Pope Osborne up until halfway through the fourth grade. The next series of books I fell in love with was R. L. Stine’s Goosebumps series, which lasted throughout the sixth grade. In middle school, I started to read J. K…

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  • Transformation In Alice's Adventures In Wonderland And The Witches

    In the Children’s literature of fantasy, the process of self-discovery and the identity formation is the dominant part of the story. In both Lewis Carroll’s Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland and Roald Dahl’s The Witches, the reality is cautiously constructed to help children with their biggest fear of growing up. Transformation can be found in many different forms, Alice and The Boy experienced both biological changes and psychological changes. Their changes and reaction towards the…

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  • Word Decoding In Oliver Henderson's 'I Can Hop'

    Henderson, O. (n.d.). I Can Hop. Reading A-Z. Being able to decode is pivotal, especially when it comes to teaching students how to read. Decoding is when children have the ability to apply his or her knowledge of graphemes (letters) and phonemes (sounds) to pronounce print correctly (“Word Decoding and Phonics,” n.d.). Nevertheless, having child understand the relationship between graphemes and phonemes allow him or her to identify acquainted words quickly, as well as learn new words (“Word…

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  • Achievement Standard Technology: Children's Books

    Achievement Standard Technology 91354: Children’s book research essay Fraser Mander There are many opinions about what makes a good book for children. A children’s book is a book with a mix of words and pictures. This is true from the Hairy Maclarey, written and illustrated by Lynley Dodd to Roald Dahl’s books as illustrated by Quentin Blake. Children’s books have to offer a sense of joy no matter how simple or complex it is. Books such as Curious George or Winnie the Pooh have that…

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