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  • How To Mount Everest Essay

    Mount Everest Imagine: You are on Mount Everest, Nepal. You are hanging over what looks like a never ending abyss after falling through the treacherous paper thin ice covering the drop into the chasm were no light can penetrate. You were saved by knowing the terrain and weather patterns of Mount Everest, the immense amounts of snow, the wind, hidden chasms, ice everywhere, and etc. You made tools and clothes to keep you from falling off from ice and up to 175 mile per hour wind speeds…

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  • Mountain Apolaia Analysis

    Isolated from civilization, hundreds of kilometers away from the closest city, surrounded by land and more land, is the location of Mountain Apolaia. Covered mostly, in freezing ice for most of the year, and the target of a weather capable of frightening even the bravest of men, skiers know it as the mountain with the toughest slopes on the planet. The slopes are divided in two sections, the slopes of submission and pride slopes. Although both extremely difficult, most men, with the least sense…

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  • Personal Narrative: A Perfect Day For Skiing

    Soft whooshing sounds rose up from beneath my skis as they slid across the soft crystal like snow glistening in the bright winter sun. The cool and crisp air was the ideal temperature for a day of skiing, not too cold to make it uncomfortable, but still cold enough to keep the snow from melting and turning slushy. With these snow conditions and bright blue skies above, all in all, it looked to be a perfect day for skiing with my family. Accompanied by my Mom, Uncle, and 4 cousins, we woke at…

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  • Personal Narrative: The Joy Of Skiing

    year. As I rushed to the brightly colored christmas tree I noticed there was a huge rectangular package leaning behind it. Immediately I jumped towards the package in desperation. As I teared its red wrapping paper off i noticed that it was a pair of skis. Right then my Mom walked into the living room and told me that this would be the year that I skied. Naturally being a six year old i didn't appreciate the notion right away because I wanted toys instead. However this changed as soon as it was…

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  • Chemistry Of Waxing Essay

    when I am preparing for ski races, waxing my skis. Preparing my skis for a race weekend requires applying multiple layers of wax to my skis. The wax we use is commonly a fluorocarbon mixture. In order for the wax to be saturated into the ski, the block must be melted with an iron. Once the wax melts on the iron, the wax is dripped onto the entire ski. In order to ensure that the wax is melted into the ski, a hand iron is slid down the ski several times. Once the ski cools from the wax,…

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  • Personal Narrative: Snowboarding At Mt. Alyeska

    On December 29,2016 My friend Jack and I went snowboarding at Mt.Alyeska.During that Thursday morning we woke at at 5:45am and drove and picked up Jack.It was approximately 1hour and 45 minute ride there so about 82.6 miles.We got snacks for the ride like Airheads,doritos,and sodas.We got the junk food to get us hyper for the mountain because we knew that we were going to be on the mountain for 6-7 hours. When we arrived there we felt great we unpacked and everything got on our favorite lift…

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  • Snowlifting Research Paper

    had managed to land a plane with no landing gear. My heart was racing as I buckled my second foot in the boot; I was then ready to go down the mountain for my first time. I started out with a green slope for beginners, which was packed with little ski I school kids, as I was trying to turn my board I ended up jumping the berm and landing into a tree. I was laying in the freezing cold snow trying to get up with my board even though my feet were begging me to stop I went on. My body was giving up…

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  • Crystal Cove Descriptive Writing

    Crystal Cove, New Hampshire, a quiet and quaint town nestled on sandy beaches with astonishing views everywhere you turn. Small in size but large in personality, drama, and uniqueness. You can walk on the beach, the boardwalk, the pier and yet a few miles down the road ride through the old covered bridges. The winters are brisk and freezing and you can count on having a good time if you enjoy snow. During the winter, everything is draped in a white blanket for weeks. The trees look like…

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  • Personal Narrative-My Snowboarding Career

    before I was born. After I turned two years old, my parents would travel to their elegant cottage in Vermont every two weeks in the winter with me. From an extraordinarily young age, I developed a deep passion for snow sports. My dad taught me how to ski when I was just two years old, and I was a naturally exceptional skier. By the age of four, I surpassed my father’s skiing skills, who has been skiing for over twenty years. I soon discovered the concept of snowboarding and developed an ardor…

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  • Cross Trainers Research Paper

    Cross-trainers Combine elements of treadmills, stair-climbers, cycles, and cross-country ski machines. Some machines include arm resistance to work both the upper and lower body. Like ski machines, they require some coordination and may tire you faster than other machines, but they give a very thorough aerobic workout along with some resistance training. Workouts Heard of the 7-minute workout? How about Tabata? Both are just a few minutes. The trick is, you work harder than you thought…

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