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  • Personal Narrative: My First Day Of Snowboarding

    As I was accustomed to turning on skis, I automatically assumed it would be as simple as turning the board with your feet. This knowledge did not translate well to snowboards, and as I attempted to turn right on the beginner’s slope, I fell backwards into the snow with a loud, audible THUD…

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  • Personal Narrative: My Way Of Skiing

    learned this when I had a massive face plant that bloodied my face, broke both my helmet and my goggles, gave me a concussion, and forced my lower lip to inflate to the size of a cocktail wiener. I only remember coming back to full consciousness in the ski patrol hut seeing my normally khaki colored glove now dripping a scarlet red, and a patrolman, who was not the nicest person in the world, continuously nagging “You were skiing out of bounds, I should pull your pass.” On the trip to the…

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  • Essay On Snowboarding

    The jury is out!! Which facet of the fence do you sit on? Snowboarding has its location as a style drove recreation, and creating a declaration at the hill seems to be the manner ahead for most riders. So the query remains, why smash your appearance with a silly helmet? The answer for me is clear; you'll by no means see me using without a nicely geared up snowboarding helmet! It wasn't usually this manner... Once I discovered to experience, for as a minimum the primary three weeks I was…

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  • The Importance Of The Baseball Field

    The first thing that catches my eye is the mountains. As I sit on the highest point of the hill I am surrounded by mountains. The walk from my dorm is definitely the worst part and most painful part. Although the walk is a leg killer it is the greatest view I might ever experience. Sitting on the bench I have realized that the hill is more than a hill with a bench. This is an escape, it was a place to go to relax, to clear your head, and to just get away from all the chaos. I am the kind of…

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  • Case Study Of Break Points: Cycle Meets Snow With Snogo

    CLICK TO SHARE Man on ski slope with snow bikeIt’s a blue bird day—sun shining, no clouds in sight—and the snow beneath your blades is like satin. You got first chair and are ready to feel the wind up against your jacket. But there’s no need to strap in or grab your poles. Instead, you grab the handle bars and push off, cruising on the three “skis” of Snogo, a new downhill snow bike due to hit the market in early 2016. “I wouldn’t be on the mountain if it wasn’t for ski bikes,” says Obed…

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  • The Great Pleasure Project Analysis

    In the article “The Great Pleasure Project” on SkiMag, Tim Neville writes about his trip to North Korea for its newly opened ski resort. Neville is taking the risky, yet a worthwhile journey into the land of mystery covered in media stereotypes. Utilizing contrast and contradiction, the author writes about nothing that could be called pleasurable and so little about skiing to defy what the readers will be expecting. Seeing the article, SkiMag followers and fans of travel writing are looking…

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  • Personal Narrative: Moving To Arizona

    On September 4th, 15 years ago, I was born. I was born in Duluth, Minnesota and lived in Superior. After living there for 5 years, I moved to Arizona. I lived in Arizona for 3 months. My family realized the weather was just too hot, so we moved back to Hermantown. I've lived here since. I like living in Hermantown way better than Arizona because I like snow and snowmobiling. Some of my hobbies include lacrosse, snowmobiling, hunting, fishing, and shooting my bow. In the winter, when the…

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  • Speech About Snowboarding

    Have you ever tried snowboarding? If you have,then great,but if you haven’t,these are some reasons why you should AT LEAST try it. Why not?The chance of getting hurt is 2-4/1000 each day.And, some of the most skilled people of the world (at anything) had to take the risk of actually trying it a first time and pushing through with it. Finally,don’t try once and quit.You have to push to get better at anything,including snowboarding. Why should you try?Snowboarding is a awesome,cool,fun sport.It…

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  • Skiing Descriptive Writing

    beginning with the chair lift, standing at the top, and the trip down. At the base of the hill, I look up at the immensity before me. With my skis clicked in, my poles in my hand, I glide over the firmly packed snow to the chairlift. People wait anxiously; a portion, like myself, are impatient to complete another run; the rest is apprehensive to ski their first. Battling my way through the vicious horde to the loading…

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  • Personal Narrative Essay: A Snow Day

    On a snowy winter's day me and my brother were going snowboarding with my brothers friend. I was wearing big black fluffy snow pants and a big blue snow jacket and a black ski mask, Cody was wearing some big warm snow overalls and a handy down hunting jacket and a thin hat, Don was wearing grey small snow pants and a dark grey snow jacket and a bubble hat. All I could think about was snowboarding.We were all excited to get to the snow hill I didn't even think about my glasses or anything else…

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