Narrative Essay On Ski Lift

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I nervously walked to the ski lifts with my cousins in a heavy red coat and black gloves. When I tried breathing, a cloud of white came out. I kept trying to calm my fired up nerves with breathing techniques. Try as I might, I couldn’t get my nerves to calm down. It was like my nerves were on fire and that fire couldn’t be put out.
When we finally got to the ski lifts, my legs suddenly felt as if they had been weighed down. The closer the ski lift came, the heavier my legs were. I started to dread the moment when it would be my turn to get on the ski lift. When it was finally my turn to get on the ski lift, I just stood there like a statue. One of my cousins had to start pulling me onto the ski lift before I found the courage to slide on.
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My entire vision of the slope was covered in white snow. My entire body suddenly started to freeze up after those thoughts.
“I can’t do this,” I told my cousin.
My arms reflexively started to push me away from the edge. I started to tell my cousin that I didn’t want to ski down the mountain. I wanted to ride the shakey ski lift back down the mountain.
“Yes, you can!” she told me and her hand was suddenly on my back. She gave me a shove and I was skiing down the mountain.
The gusty wind was pushing against my body the whole way down. I felt like I was going to mess up somewhere and injure myself.
When I finally reached the bottom of the mountain, I was surprised that it ended so quickly. I was even more surprised at the fact that I didn’t hate it as much as I thought I would. I even started to think that it was fun.
I was really surprised at the time when I found out that I actually found skiing fun. This event allowed me to learn a valuable lesson that I have never had to learn. I would have never learned to try new things that I was afraid of if I hadn’t skied down that slope. I never thought that I would learn a life lesson while trying something that I didn’t think I would like or

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