Personal Narrative: Ski Theft

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After being at school for what seemed like forever, I put on my boots and headed to the ski lift as I looked at the snow glow in the cold February sun. As I waited in line, John was grabbing ice balls the size of my hand, then throwing them at my back. Without anything to throw back him, I felt as helpless as an amputee in a war-zone. Even though Jack was next to me checking my ticket, he did not seem to care that someone was throwing ice balls at me. He didn’t even care to look at my lift ticket which explains how I got on the lift. I tried to find snow to throw back to John as the lift came up and pushed me on its cold, rusty seats like a rampage at a Wal-Mart on Black Friday. While on the ski lift, I was thinking about which run I …show more content…
Seeing Dylan coming out of the trail heading towards the ski lift, I expected him to help. Dylan was chuckling like a ten-year old boy as he saw my head peek out of the snow. However, he just decided to stand still and laugh at me. Calling for Dylan to come and help, he instead stared blankly at me for five minutes. Not caring about me, he continued to ski while also skiing over my glove which was now also under snow. Knowing I was going to be here for a while, I tried finding a comfortable position to be on the snow. The loud, buzzing sound of the ski lift roared past me for what seemed to be for hours. Even though I was near a ski lift, I was just waiting for someone to scream,”Do you need any help?” However, nothing, no one seemed to care. I was like a ghost in a skyscraper. At this point, my neck was turning into a wet icicle as I seeped deeper into the cold, wet snow. The stench of human breath would give me some hope at this point. I knew my skis were not going to come out of snow. Then, I saw a Ski Patrol Officer on the ski lift stare with intrigue at me. Suddenly, loud sirens were beginning to blast across the entire ski-area. Then, I looked up and saw a barrage of Ski Patrol rush towards me. They pulled out a First Aid Kit preparing for the worst. I screamed I’m fine, but they still decided to rush towards me. The first thing they did was to grab the pass that was in my hand. First,

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