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  • The Westing Game Character Analysis

    One Murderer. One Game. Sixteen heirs. All these things are involved in the Westing Game by Ellen Raskin. When Sam Westing dies, his will is very different than you might normally hear, to get the inheritance, 16 heirs compete to figure out who killed Sam Westing, the heirs all get paired and get one set of clues each. They all have to figure it out by a deadline or else none of them will get the inheritance. When reading the Westing Game it kept me on the edge of my seat the whole time. The…

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  • The Giver Man Vs Society

    Not too long ago, I reread the most fascinating novel for the second time, but this time with my class. The Giver by Lois Lowry is an absolutely spectacular novel, revolving around a young boy, Jonas, who just turned twelve. Actually, he wasn’t the only one who turned twelve… it was all the Elevens in his community. Meanwhile, at the Twelve Ceremony, Jonas receives the most interesting Assignment of all; The Receiver of Memory. After the ceremony, nothing was ever the same again… for Jonas, at…

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  • The Giver Utopian Society

    Imagine living in a community where there is no pain, feeling, hunger, or differences. Lois Lowry, the author of The Giver, writes about a utopian society where everything and everyone is the same, except for The Giver and Jonas. Jonas is a twelve year old boy, who was selected the most honorable job in the community, Reciever of Memory. As excited as he is, Jonas learns that he will become lonely. He was told that the job will give him wisdom, but he will experience pain. Jonas learns about the…

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  • Runner Ups: An Analysis Of John Newbery's Short Stories

    After that the Newbery award was named after him, and it is one of the most prestigious awards (source 2). The Newbery award was made to encourage authors to use their talents and write original books for children to enjoy (source 1). The Newbery medal has been awarded to authors since 1922 (source 2). The judges for the Newbery award made other books that were worth attention runner ups. In 1971 the term “Runner Ups” was changed…

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  • Essay On Banning Book

    Essay #2: Censorship and Banned Book Have you ever read a book that offended you? Some people try to challenge and ban books because they feel offended. Even children’s books have been banned in some places around the world. Someone who challenges a book is trying to remove a book from a class or library to restrict other people from reading it, but when they are successful the book gets banned. Banning a book means that the book is restricted from everyone who wants to read it in that area.…

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  • The Giver Utopian

    Utopia is perfect but is it possible to achieve utopian society? Everyone has their different views of what a utopia can be but there are always to many challenges people will face trying to create a utopian society. There will never be a utopian society because there will be too much pain and suffering. Families in The Giver are almost fake they have no real connection or love in their families. In reality there is unconditional love no matter how bad the kid messes up. In a telling of…

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  • Bart Conner Biography Essay

    Bart Conner Dedication to one thing in life is hard to accomplish, especially if the one thing requires hours and hours of dedication every week. Bart Conner, an Olympic gold medal winner for the United States and a National Championship at the University of Oklahoma was very dedicated to his career. Bart’s journey to become the outstanding gymnast he is today was long and hard, but it eventually paid off. Even though he had to mature in a hurry, he soon realized that his childhood dream would…

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  • The Giver Should Be Banned

    Parents of kids in the school system are attempting to ban certain books from the whole school and/or school system. One of the books that has been band is The Giver by Lois Lowry. The words on the pages in the book scare parents. The words that the author wrote are so powerful that parents are attempting to ban them, because they posses the power to make teenagers think about things bigger than themselves. The Giver has previously been banned for a multiple reasons, including sexual awakening,…

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  • Life Is Meaningless Without Memories Of The Giver By Lois Lowry

    In Lois Lowry’s engaging novel The Giver, we meet a young boy named Jonas who lives in a restricted community where everything is planned out perfectly, when Jonas turns twelve his world is turned upside down when he receives the job, the Receiver Of Memory. As entitled Jonas receives memories and this changes his life forever, he receives memories of joy and pain, this drastic change shows Jonas what him and the community had missed out on for so long. “ Life is meaningless without memories”…

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  • Advantages And Disadvantages Of Technology In The Giver

    Imagine a world where Technology does not exist, in both worlds we need technology in the giver and the real world. Lois Lowry the author of the giver is trying to show us the point of technology in the novel. In the novel Jonas is the protagonist their world is under control and their jobs are assigned to them. Their community is being watched and there are cameras everywhere in the novel technology is also used. Technology is an important part of our everyday life's, people are always using…

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