Challenge Of An Olympic Athlete Essay

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To take the challenge of an olympic athlete is a rewarding experience. The sacrifice they take to achieve this journey is immeasurable, but the lessons will guide their whole life. Athletes from all over the world have trained for many years so that they may all come together every four years to compete in either the winter or summer Olympics. The Olympic Games don’t just bring in the competing athlete’s, but it also brings in the family members and the fans from all over the world to enjoy the competition of all the sports. Athletes come in hope to win a gold, silver or bronze medal, but they also come to honor their country. What makes olympians a culture you might ask? Well, it’s the fact that every four years people from every nationality, color, race, and religion come together to compete in the Olympics in hopes they bring home the gold and honor their country. The Olympics have evolved over the years, adding both men and women to the sports, along with the variety of different events. Something that has not changed is the training and effort that each of the athletes have to go through to make their way to the Olympics. Some of these athletes put in a lot of time, effort and money and still don’t make it to the Olympics. Once an Olympian reaches a certain age he or she retires leaving no choice but to face life outside of the training and the Olympics. At this point in an olympian’s life will he/she even know how to do much else? Will he/she fit in the…

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