Gabby Dugulas: A Successful Gymnast

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Gabrielle Douglas is an African-American artistic gymnast on the Women’s US National team. Gabby was born on December 31, 1995. Gabby comes from a poor family, at one point they were even homeless. Through faith, hope, and hard work, Gabby and her family have recovered from poverty. Ever since Gabby was a little girl she has always had a strong passion for gymnastics, and through years of vigorious training, and hard work she made the 2012 Olympic team. Gabby Douglas has had a very successful gymnastics career, but most people only know about her major accomplishments in the 2012 Olympics. Most people do not know about her achievements in her early life, her junior career, or even her senior career as gymnast.
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According to Sarah Jane Brian, author of the article “Gabby’s Road to Gold,” throughout her life, Gabby and her family struggled with money, health, bullying, and self-confidence. According to Gabrielle Douglas, Olympic gymnast, and author of the book “Grace, Gold, and Glory,” Gabby’s mother almost bled to death when she gave birth to Gabby. In February of 1996, Gabby and her family moved to Tulsa, Oklahoma (15-16). When Gabby was just two months old, her family became homeless and they lived in a van. Gabby had a deadly blood disease, and her parents did not know it (Brian). Gabrielle Douglas says, “They’d diagnosed me with a life threatening disease called Branched Chain Ketoaciduria” (Douglas 19). According to Simon Perry, author of the article “Gabby the Great,” her parents separated in 2001. Gabby and her siblings rarely got to see their dad because he was in the Air Force, and he was always in Afghanistan or Iraq. Gabby’s mother, Natalie Hawkins, was a single mother raising four kids (Perry). Gabby’s siblings gave up their own sports, and her mom worked two jobs just to pay for Gabby’s gymnastics. At the gym, Gabby dealt with racist bullying

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