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  • Cultural Similarities And Differences

    Despite our cultures being continent apart, there are similarities and differences on how communication works in our cultures. The goal of the assignment is for two students of different background to interview each other and learn what is alike and distinct between their cultures. Leslie Leanos is the person that I interviewed for this essay. She is from a Mexican-American background while my background is Vietnamese. We came up with five questions and recorded our answers on the document. We then analyzed the responses and evaluate them based upon what we have learn in the course. The essays consists of my analysis of the similarities and differences of the responses of Leslie and me. Body Paragraphs Leslie and I share similar attributes.…

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  • Similarities And Morality In The Outsiders By S. E. Hinton

    People tend to keep company with one another based on opinions and qualities that they share. That being said, no two people can be entirely identical. This is certainly the case with Johnny Cade and Dallas Winston from the novel The Outsiders by S.E. Hinton. Johnny and Dally are in similar situations due to them both having neglectful parents and placing minimal value on their lives. Despite their similarities, Dally and Johnny have very different opinions on how Ponyboy should be and on the…

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  • Similarities Between The Devil And Tom Walker And Rip Van Winkle

    However, when I set foot on the farm, one thought came to mind: what a dump! Mark 's farm was so pitiful one could mistake it for a junkyard. One thing that stuck out to me was his cattle. The poor creatures did not have anything to eat. All of Mark 's grass was dead, and I could count every cow 's ribs from a football field away. As I roamed around Mark 's farm, it started to remind me of the two stories The Devil and Tom Walker and Rip Van Winkle. These two stories have much more in common…

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  • Similarities And Differences Between Lord Of The Flies And Maze Runner

    There are a lot of similarities and differences between Lord of the Flies and Maze Runner. The characters think similar and they also have the same goals. Also there are similar situations in the stories. There are obviously a lot of differences between the two because they are written by different authors. The main differences are the ages of the boys, Teresa, and the beast and the grievers. Although they are different stories and the details are different, there are a lot of similarities like…

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  • Essay Compare And Contrast Jamestown Vs Plymouth Colony

    These two colonies had a lot of differences and the same amount of similarities that made them survive the ‘new world’. They shaped the way our country is today, Jamestown showed us the agricultural growth and massive amount of trade goods we have here to the religious freedom, among other rights, we have from the Plymouth’s reason to come over from England. If I had to choose which colony I would want to stay with it would be Plymouth. For the way they worked through the tough times, from…

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  • The Differences And Characters Of Little Bao Vs. Vibiana

    which she is trying to obtain throughout the story. The hero and heroine tend to be the main character of the story whose jobs are to handle every situation intelligently and confidently. The outcome of the situations created by the hero and heroine are beneficial for all because they mostly do what is right for others. But sometime due to a very hard situation the hero and heroine have to choose between their goal or their life, which proves who is the real hero because the real hero would…

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  • The Sniper By Thomas Hardy Analysis

    He Killed” By Thomas Hardy both share similarities along with differences regarding war through the literary devices of plot, theme and irony. Similarities and DIfferences in both works - Plot - In the short story “The Sniper by Liam O’Flaherty “ and the story “The…

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  • Dear Future Analysis

    According to WorldOMeter there has been 2,207,241 books published this year. But these to are two of the best ones. McCarry and Montemarano both wrote for scholastic scope. McCarry wrote “The Golden Lie”, which is about a young girl trying to found out her grandpa's famous history during the Gold Rush. But ends up with a surprising turn. Montemarano wrote “Dear Future”, which is about a teenage boy that finds his life depressing until he picks up a diary that has somehow gotten lost and finds a…

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  • Compare And Contrast The American Cat And The Man In The Black Suit

    There are many things that Edgar Allen Poe and Stephen King’s narrators have in common and many things that are different. There will be only one similarity and one difference between the narrators explained in this essay. The narrators of The Black Cat and The Man in the Black Suit have similar points of view, however Poe’s difference of reliability results in the audience questioning the story. The role of narrator is used in the same point of view, first person, in both The Black Cat and…

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  • Catch The Moon Short Story

    Essay After reading “Catch the Moon” and “The Bass, The River, and Sheila Mant one can conclude that the two stories have similarities and difference. The short story “Catch the Moon” is about a disobedient teenager named Luis who works off community service hours at his dad’s Junkyard but when he was stalling to clean hubcaps that his father wanted him told him to do a girl named Naomi came to the Junkyard and asks Luis’s father to search for a specific hubcap for an old vintage car and when…

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