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  • Cuban Team Reflection

    Chemistry Olympiads: (Awards). (Done) While in Cuba, back in high school, I had participated three times in the National Chemistry Olympiad. I did so after having been selected each year from the gold medal winners of my province (similar to a State in the US). In the 10th grade, I won a silver medal in the National Chemistry Olympiad, in the 11th a gold and in the 12th a bronze. As a result of winning gold in 11th grade, I received the opportunity to be part of the Cuban pre-selection team on…

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  • The Importance Of Individuality In The Giver By Lois Lowry

    What would it be like if you lived in a world free of war, fear, or pain? Where everything is perfect and under control? What if you did not have the freedom to make your own choices? What can we learn about the importance of individuality by reading The Giver by Lois Lowry? The dystopian novel follows the life of a young teenage boy, Jonas, and his impact on the area he lives in, called the Community. In the Community, everything is perfect. Jonas’s lives, and all of his community members’, are…

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  • What Is The Purpose Of Animal Farm

    Animal Farm is the Orwell’s least personal of all of his writings. It is due to the unknown narrator who is notable for being prejudiceless and eccentricity. It is the only Orwell’s work where the author is not a major character or a narrator himself. The story is set in an unspecified time period and without many historical references but it is a short allegorical, satirical fable on the political situation around Russian Revolution which was, assumably, the time setting of the story, and it…

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  • Juror 3 Analysis

    The formation of the group is more in task orientation which all twelve jurors have common goal to be achieved. In the movie, the jurors are choice based on difference background and experience and the reason for the teams form is to fulfil his civic duty and social responsibility. The jurors have no relationships between each and other and they will not retain any relationship after the trial. It clearly show the negotiation process is a one off with served the short term purpose. The…

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  • The Theme Of Friendship In Holes By Louis Sachar's Holes

    ”A lot of people don 't believe in curses. A lot of people don 't believe in yellow-spo 'ed lizards either, but if one bites you, it doesn 't make a difference whether you believe in it or not.” With a cursed family that follows generations; one boy is destined to change it all. Stanley Yelnats, aided by history, let’s his future become apparent. A story that represents an everlasting friendship is brought together by fate. Holes takes us through Stanley’s life as the kid who has always been in…

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  • Discrimination In Shashi Deshpande's The Dark Holds No Terrors

    GENDER DISCRIMINATION IN SHASHI DESHPANDE’S THE DARK HOLDS NO TERRORS Sarikhada Pradip Ph.D. English Scholar Rai University, Ahmedabad :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: Shashi Deshpande’s novels are strong voice for the women’s cause. In her novels, Women are seen under the patriarchal clutches but her women try to liberate themselves from that suffocating male-dominated environment. This paper explores the themes of…

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  • The Giver Utopia

    A Desirable Place “It’s the choosing that’s important, isn’t it” (Lowry). In The Giver by Lois Lowry, the community is designed to be a utopia, where other people decide fate, and keep the citizens from discovering the truth. In this community, the previous memories are taken away, leaving every citizen the same, no love, color, music, or freedom. The article “Haiti in Crisis” by Bryan Brown and Patricia Smith, is about a country that lives with endless disaster, sarvation, and it has a weak…

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  • Materialism In Fahrenheit 451

    (AGG) Things have been lost, forgotten, and damaged, yet the people in Fahrenheit 451 have always known where these things are, as it is the only thing they care for. (BS-1) They have a desire for possessions which is shown throughout the novel, mostly using technology. (BS-2) Relationships and happiness have been substituted with these material items. (BS-3) Traits that have been lost have been restored once people have been distant from artificial items. (TS) In the novel Fahrenheit 451, the…

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  • Comparing Dystopian Literature In The Giver And Anthem

    Teens love that Dystopian Literature Throughout the years, teens have favored different types of literature; thus, teens are able to find their favorite type and dive into it. After Harry Potter and other types of fictional series had their time in the spotlight, but a new type of literature has come into it’s place. A darker, more serious matter, is in favor of teens, dystopian literature. Apart from utopian societies, dystopian societies show a darker, more sinister type of literature, which…

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  • The Giver Ideas

    The Giver: Describe an important idea you identified from a written text. Explain why this idea is important An important concept I became aware of in the text was a perfect society, Utopia. A utopian society is an imagined place or state of things in which everything is perfect. In the book, The Giver, the writer wrote about a perfect society in which there world is made up of equality, sameness and uniformity. They tried to make their society perfect by taking away colour, pain, love In…

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