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  • Simi Valley Essay

    Simi Valley has only relatively recently become the city it is known as today. Prior to the 1970’s, Simi Valley had been mainly a place of groves and farmland. Also prior to that, this was the land of the Chumash which is where the word Simi originated from. While most of the people of Simi are of European descent, there seems to be a strong community of hispanic people. There are also people from Asian backgrounds, African American backgrounds, and Native American backgrounds. On the surface Simi is predominantly comprised of people of European descent, but if you look closer the true ethnicity of Simi is more subtle. In the last century there were predominantly people of hispanic origins living in Simi Valley. That makes since California was originally a part of Mexico and even when California was signed over to the United States, the people who lived there remained there. Victor Andazola remembers that he “lived not too far from Simi and [he] would come over and pick oranges from the groves that were all around.” That was around the 70’s and Simi Valley has since expanded…

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  • The Los Angeles Riots In American History

    connection with the beating. Not only did the jury refuse to indict seventeen officers who stood by while Mr. King was being beaten and did nothing but Judge Weinsberg ordered the trial of the four officers charged to be moved to Simi Valley. Simi Valley is an all white community who easily acquitted the four Los Angeles police officers of the Rodney King beating. In the spring of 1992 when the news reached the ears of African Americans living in South Central riots broke out and lasted five…

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  • Simi Valley Case Summary

    EXCESSIVE FORCE 8 was receiving, Superior Court Judge Stanley Weisberg agreed to move the case from Los Angeles to Simi Valley, California a predominate white residential community which is located thirty miles from Los Angeles. The prosecution in this case motioned to have the case be tried in a more diverse county like Alameda. Since Simi Valley is where police officers are known to reside, Judge suggested that moving it to Simi Valley will guarantee a fair trial in their own…

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  • LA Riots: Police Brutality In 1992

    The LA Riots were a huge event that transpired in 1992. They occurred after a man named Rodney King was beaten to death by four police officers. He was kicked while on the concrete. Police brutality has always been a heavy issue in America and there have been numerous amounts of incidents that involve police brutality. The police force has changed since the riots occurred and have fewer incidents that are categorized as brutality. Police brutality has been present for forever. There have been…

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  • Simi Valley Riot 1992 Summary

    In April 29, 1992 civil unrest and riots occurred. When the Rodney King beating verdicts reached by Simi Valley jury, Simi Valley triggered civil unrest in cities across the United States. In south central Los Angeles, People began to protest the verdict immediately; protests began to grow in number, size, and anger. However, during the next six days, the reaction escalated to a terrifying reign of violence, looting, and property destruction. The first incident took place within an hour after…

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  • The Role Of Global Warming Trends In Yuba City

    which is important when discussing climate changes. Climate is characterized by long-term weather patterns (Bloom, 2010). The disadvantage of using the long-term running averages is that they do not show the year-to-year variations which may be important when discussing other aspects of weather patterns. Comparing Yuba City to that of Mariposa, CA, which is approximately 180 miles away, there are significant differences in the climate trends. The winters of Mariposa seem to be remaining fairly…

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  • Power In William Wordsworth's Tintern Abbey

    William Wordsworth’s Concept of Power The term “power” is multifaceted; it lends itself to myriad interpretations and cannot be defined easily. There is no unanimous concept of power, as what is seen as “powerful” differs from person to person. The use of the term “power” is prominent in many of William Wordsworth’s poems. “Tintern Abbey,” “The Prelude,” and “Michael” all feature the term. From the prominence of the term in Wordsworth’s poetry, it is evident that Wordsworth thought highly of…

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  • Hatshepsut: Most Successful Female Pharaohs In Ancient Egypt

    Hatshepsut With a ruling period of over 3000 years, Egypt has seen roughly 170 pharaohs, yet there are few outside of egyptologists that can name more than two or three off the top of their head. Not many remember these kings of the east, and it is even more difficult to when their mark on their own history was erased by their successors. Hatshepsut was one of the few, and by far one of the most successful female pharaohs in ancient Egypt. She was the first of them to seize total control of…

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  • Divine Thirteen: The Sacred Aztec Number

    Divine Thirteen: The Sacred Aztec Number Throughout the world, the number thirteen is fraught with varying degrees of superstition. In most cultures today, the number is seen as an ill omen meant to be avoided. Rarely will the number ever be considered lucky or have a positive connotation. In the time of the Aztec Empire in the Valley of Mexico (1318 C.E. – 1524 C.E), however, thirteen was a sacred number that reflected the beliefs of the Aztec people; not only was it symbolic for the empire’s…

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  • Ramesses Vi's Tomb Analysis

    There are currently 62 numbered tombs that have been discovered in the Valley of the Kings. Not all occupants have been identified and not all have been excavated. Epigraphy, whether done as an exact copy or done photographically, has been attempted in only 25 of these tombs (see chart 1). Of these 25, 8 do not have any epigraphic publications associated with them. Moreover, almost all KV tombs have been mentioned in a larger publication dealing with of the Valley of the Kings, namely Elizabeth…

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