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  • What Is Lee Harvey Kennedy's Assassination

    Lee Harvey Oswald sat in the Texas School Book Depository on the sixth floor with his Mannlicher-Carcano rifle out the window awaiting the President's motorcade to round the corner. Oswald supposedly fired three shots in anywhere from four to seven seconds, "However, FBI tests revealed that Oswald’s rifle could be fired no faster than once every 2.25 seconds—which, on Zapruder’s camera, translated, to 40 or 41 frames" (Holland). By applying this information, Oswald could not have acted as a lone…

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  • Gravimetrical Analysis Essay

    in the original compound (Gravimetric Analysis, n.d.). A precipitate forms what two salts that are soluble together to form one or more insoluble products, which is the precipitate (Definition of Precipitate, n.d.). An example of a precipitate is silver chloride; it is created when a sufficient amount of…

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  • I Love Jack Short Story

    I loved Jack so much he was my best friend and a brother to run to when things got bad, what I miss the most about him along with his smile, laugh, idiotic dancing, drinking competitions, crying on his shoulder, hanging out at Cronulla and just being around him made you forget everything on your mind. Before we all lost jack, I would sit there and hug him so tight and talk to him for hours each day, that 's how I know so much about depression, pain and other mental illnesses. I saw it all…

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  • Aerobic Physical Activity

    When talking about older people in terms of physical activity it refers to peoples aged 65 or over. The guidelines for physical activity for older people are stated as . Adults aged 65 years and above should carry out moderate intensity exercise for around 150 minutes this exercise should be aerobic physical activity done every week, on the other hand elderly people could complete about 75 minutes of vigorous-intensity exercise or physical activity and this should also be aerobic and this can…

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  • Who Is George Patton A Hero

    Death, Love, Life, Murder! George Patton was a rising leader in the world as a young boy. The future famed World War Two General always had a knack for leadership. General George S. Patton was a tank commander during the Second World War that managed to do unbelievable things in war. His men respected him and hated him at times. Since Patton was such a great leader he got business done. George Patton was a great American hero that had a knack for leadership and lead America to success even…

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  • 442nd Battalion Essay

    States. Even though their government and country distrusted them, the 442nd battalion went far and beyond what was expected of any soldier. In the end the Battalion was awarded 21 Medals of Honor, 52 Distinguished Service Cross, 1 Distinguished Service Medal, 560 Silver Stars, 22 Legion of Merit Medals, 15 Soldier 's Medals, 4,000 Bronze Stars, and 9,486 Purple Hearts. The 442nd Battalion was the most decorated…

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  • Personal Narrative: A Magnificent Stef

    fit and just lay my chair back and was scowling. At this time Stef says “hey at least the radio still works”, and she hooked her iphone up to it and started playing relaxing music, which instantly flipped my mood. I think that her ability to see the silver lining in situations is one of the main reasons that I find it so enjoyable to be around…

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  • Gabrielle Douglas: A Successful Gymnast

    gymnastics classes at age six (Brian). Gabby first started training gymnastics at Excalibur (Hill). Gabby won the Virginia State gymnastics Championship when she was just eight years old (Brian). Gabrielle Douglas says “I’d been dreaming of an Olympic gold medal since I was eight” (Douglas…

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  • Olympic Athlete

    summer Olympics. The Olympic Games don’t just bring in the competing athlete’s, but it also brings in the family members and the fans from all over the world to enjoy the competition of all the sports. Athletes come in hope to win a gold, silver or bronze medal, but they also come to honor their country. What makes olympians a culture you might ask? Well, it’s the fact that every four years people from every nationality,…

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  • Personal Narrative: My Definition Of Success

    Half way back my muscles were burning and my thoughts started to think “Michael Phelps, Michael Phelps, come on swim like Michael Phelps!” I reached and hit the wall with a time of 38 seconds! I got third which means I medaled! I took home a bronze medal that day, I had gone from sixth place to third place. I went home feeling achieved! I can relate to the poem, “ Success is counted sweetest” by Emily Dickinson. Katie Ledecky and I share one major thing in common, we both rely on our Catholic…

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