Essay On Alexander The Great Symbolism

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The saying “A Picture’s worth a thousand words,” is quite a symbolic phrase. In history and archaeology, these words are seen and used in studying the past. As such, the same phrase can be said about objects. Any historical object or artifact provides a unique story that have been qualified through numerous amounts of research, archaeological digs, among other sources. However, objects provide a very challenging discourse.

In the world of Ancient Greece, the application of coins proved to be an asset to the Ancient Greeks and have transcended to the likes of international currency in modern times. The coins of Alexander the Great were the embodiment of such an important asset. By tracing the biography of such coinage, the value of this object can be further examined and historically understood.

The most famous of these coins, that would be produced
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The coins of Alexander the Great remain relevant long after his life, becoming a powerful symbol for the basis of future coinage as well (Kontes 1; Goldsborough 2; Bieber 81; Breckenridge 134; Sheedy 30-2; Jenkins 217; Morkholm, Grierson, and Westermark 43).

These coins circulate the fame of Alexander as well as demonstrating his power throughout the empire (Stewart 95). Alexander’s coins create “a new centralization of power” (Stewart 160). Furthermore, they emphasize his domination over Asia and his influence of the gods (Stewart 173). Particularly, the silver tetradrachms became the “common coin of all Greeks.” Finally, Alexander’s coins became “fully integrated into Hellenistic society” (Stewart 326-7).

The history of Alexander’s mints present us with the influence of his empire. It presents “a brilliant picture of the tremendous scope of his conquests, of his skillful employment of a uniform coinage as one means towards fostering the amalgamation of races, and of his grasp of the economic problems of his day” (Seltman

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