EDS Analysis: FESEM And Trends Analysis Of Pure HA

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3.1.3 FESEM and EDS analysis
The structural morphology of the Pure HA, Sr-doped HA, La-doped HA and La/Sr co-doped HA (different La concentrations of 0.03, 0.06 and 0.1M) nanoparticles are analyzed by FESEM images are shown in Fig. 3 (a)-(f). The morphology of pure HA shown in Fig 3 (a) indicates that formation of spherical (or) chain pearl shape of nanoparticles, ranging from 70 to 84nm. Further, Sr (0.1M) doped HA and La (0.1M) doped HA belongs to Fig.3 (b)-(c), appears the formations of few agglomerated spherical-like nanoparticles range between 60-74nm are observed. The morphology of the La/Sr co-doped HA (at different La3+concentration of 0.03, 0.06 and 0.1M) as shown in Fig. 3 (d)-(f) exhibits the spherical structure (56-70nm) with reduced
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6. Based on these curves elucidate the weight loss of all the samples may be divided into three stages. In the first stage (30-180°C) weight loss of about 7% attributed to the removal of absorbed water of hydration and other volatile compounds [38]. In the second stage (180- 350°C) about 14% of weight loss was observed. This weight loss can be associated with removal of EDTA and nitrate/organic compounds [39]. The carbon and water molecules present on the sample evidence in FTIR spectra Fig. 2. In the third stage (400-1100°C) weight loss is 12% due to the dehydroxylation of HA [40]. The total weight loss of all the samples found to be 30-39%. However, there was no significant weight loss observed above 700°C, indicating that the synthesized samples are high thermal stability after heat treatment at above …show more content…
The hysteresis curves of both samples have been portrayed in Fig. 7 (a) - (b). As expected, it was found pure HA sample excluded magnetic properties (i.e diamagnetic behavior) and La0.1Sr0.1HA nanoparticles exhibited weak ferromagnetic ordering of hysteresis loop Fig. 7(b). The magnetization values are mainly depending on the charge state of the doped element [41]. From this study, saturation magnetization [Ms] and Retentivity [Mr] values of La0.1Sr0.1HA nanoparticles bring to 0.975 x10-3 emu/g and 0.1805 x10-4 emu/g

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