Cuban Team Reflection

1. Cuban team (pre-selection) for the Chemistry Olympiads: (Awards). (Done)
While in Cuba, back in high school, I had participated three times in the National Chemistry Olympiad. I did so after having been selected each year from the gold medal winners of my province (similar to a State in the US). In the 10th grade, I won a silver medal in the National Chemistry Olympiad, in the 11th a gold and in the 12th a bronze. As a result of winning gold in 11th grade, I received the opportunity to be part of the Cuban pre-selection team on the eve for the International Chemistry Olympiad… I was ranked 5th among eight previously selected Cuban candidates that year.
By the time I began high school, I was fortunate to meet a professor who trained students
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FEEM has many branches: Culture, Sports, etc.… As part of my job, I oversaw students during their high school years. I provided them with instructive criticisms and addressed their concerns to superior political organizations, and vice versa. I would inform students about what was expected and required of them; needless to say that all these activities had to be handled after school and my chemistry training. I remember fondly this stage of my life, it felt good to be the voice of those who relied on …show more content…
Once concluded the general military training, where one is taught the art of combat and discipline, I was assigned to the labor branch of the army. There, I would work in country farms and industries to grow crops and produce goods for the army while maintaining a strict military discipline. Work would start from 7:00 am to 5:00 pm or until that day’s assignment was completed, something that rarely happened so extra hours of labor was required. I learned discipline and structure as well as to not complain, but focusing on getting the job

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