Cuban Team (Pre-Selection) For The Chemistry Olympiad

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1. Cuban team (pre-selection) for the Chemistry Olympiads: (Awards). (Done)
While in Cuba, back in high school, I had participated three times in the National Chemistry Olympiad. I did so after having been selected each year from the gold medal winners of my province (similar to a State in the US). In the 10th grade, I won a silver medal in the National Chemistry Olympiad, in the 11th a gold and in the 12th a bronze. As a result of winning gold in 11th grade, I received the opportunity to be part of the Cuban pre-selection team on the eve for the International Chemistry Olympiad… I was ranked 5th among eight previously selected Cuban candidates that year.
By the time I began high school, I was fortunate to meet a professor who trained students
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The most feared moment of every Cuban teenager just became reality: to be mobilized to the army. After concluding an intensive military training for 45 days where I learned not only combat training, but also survival skills and techniques for psychological endurance I was sent to a labor camp. For almost one year I would not get a break from an intensive and almost inhumane work and if I had tried to escape I would have lost my career, apart from going to jail. Despite all of the discomfort and after objectively evaluating this stage of my life, I concluded that this experience provided me more benefits that any other in my life, past and probably future. Why? Because I entered as a boy and left as a physically and mentally strong man. If before I complained, now I focus on how to solve problems strategically. If before I would give up after few attempts or when conditions were unfavorable, today I work on my commitments, defend my convictions and follow my principles. Summarizing, intellect by itself does not warranty success in life, because occasionally, a stoic character is required and the latter I built while in the military service in …show more content…
In this institution, I became part of the newly founded Development of Technological Platforms group, which as its name suggest, would study existing and future processes and provide analytical tools in order to make these processes more efficient. For almost two years and while pursuing my Master 's Degree, I would research on improving chromatography techniques on existing purification platforms applied on big scale processes.
6. Worked in a supermarket in Venezuela (Paid Employment)(Done)
After school, for about a month and while in the 8th grade, I worked in a supermarket accommodating customers ' groceries in bags and delivering them to costumers ' cars when it was necessary. Even though I was not properly paid by the owner and my income came exclusively from people’s tips, I could consider myself very fortunate to be able to make enough so I could buy some food or contribute with my household expenses. It was not an easy moment in my life, my father and I lived in a very impoverished condition. Although I did not have good memories about these stage of my life, I felt proud for being worthwhile.
7. Worked in a produce stand in Venezuela (Paid Employment)

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