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  • Analysis Of The Documentary 'Blackfish'

    The documentary ‘Blackfish’ is produced by Gabriela Cowperthwaite and stars Tilikum the orca. It is based around two water parks in the United States of America – Seaworld and Sealand. ‘Blackfish’ is a documentary that tells the true story about an orca’s life in captivity. Several pieces of emotional footages give examples of how the whales are cruelly treated and kept in poor conditions. It asks the question ‘should whales be kept in captivity?’. ‘Blackfish’ works effectively to persuade…

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  • Pros And Cons Of Orca Whales

    meals on a daily basis, it is nearly impossible to release them back into the wild at any point (Blackfish). Orca whales are very large creatures and the largest one currently in captivity is Tilikum a 22 foot long bull (Blackfish). The show tank in SeaWorld, which happens to be the largest, is 36 feet deep, 180 feet long, and 90 feet wide. These numbers may sound quite large, but when taking the size of the animals into account, it is not adequate size. For a 6 foot tall human, this would be…

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  • Essay On Whales In Captivity

    from SeaWorld and the tricks they preform, most people don’t remember that that captivity is limiting the whale’s freedom and life. Captivity is not only taking away and damaging these animals mental and physical health, it is also playing a role in taking the lives of the trainers that risk their lives swimming with killer whales just to make a profit for SeaWorld. A very distinctive trait about all whales in captivity is that all adult male killer whales have collapsed dorsal fins. SeaWorld…

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  • Orcinus Orca Evolution

    In one instance in 2007, SeaWorld stated that “We have often said that 30 years is a good estimate of average killer whale lifespan as we can exceed that age, as evidence by one of ours, Corky. She is at least 40 and perhaps as old as 42. Biology of Marine Mammals said that female killer whales in their studies group had a mean life expectancy of 31 years and males just 19 years”. Researchers (and SeaWorld) have known for the past 20 years that this is false the average…

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  • Orcas In Captivity Essay

    perform, they wont be fed. In the wild, orcas can eat all they want. This is how they treated human slaves before. Why is it okay to do it to animals? One of the horrible things that the orcas are being subjected to is food deprivation. Trainers from SeaWorld, have admitted to denying the captured orcas food. They starve the orcas to assure cooperation. If they do not perform, after the show they are not fed. There would also be times when celebrities, or…

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  • Ethical Dilemmas In The Movie Blackfish

    live in their natural habitat. Throughout the movie Tilikum attacks three different people, and the SeaWorld owners choose to do nothing about it because Tilikum’s sperm is worth a lot of money. Blackfish goes into detail about the ethical and emotional concerns of keeping a large whale in captivity for extended amounts of time. The movie uses ethos by interviewing many former workers for SeaWorld along with…

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  • Killer Whales Entertainment

    oceans throughout the world, but during the winter seasons they will go north and breed. After they have their calves, the people who capture the calves for show attractions will go up North looking for the best calves to sell to aquariums such as SeaWorld. Then separating the calves from their mothers and fathers causing much distress.…

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  • The Jubo: The Greatest Show On Earth

    The atmosphere at SeaWorld is always so happy and uplifting it was hard to believe such cruel things were going on under the surface.” She was then asked if she would return to SeaWorld after seeing the documentary and she said, “I am having trouble because this place was a part of my childhood and I have such great memories there so it is hard to let…

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  • Orcas Should Not Be Allowed In Captivity Rhetorical Analysis

    orcas should not be used for human entertainment. Orcas that are used for human entertainment have been known to injure their trainers and the job as well. “, and my arm would pop out of its socket.” (Pirtle 3). This is what Jane J. Lee, a former SeaWorld trainer, told Bridgette Pirtle while in an interview for…

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  • The Importance Of Orcas In Captivity

    These animals are too big to try and keep in captivity. It takes a lot of money, time, and work to care for the captive orcas. “SeaWorld points out that it hasn’t removed a killer whale from the oceans in more than 35 years” (Raja 2). Even if SeaWorld has not actually caught and removed an orca from the ocean, it is still wrong what they are doing. The pools at SeaWorld are not big enough to breed the orcas safely. After the mother orca gives birth to her young, it is hard on both animals.…

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