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  • Blackfish Documentary Analysis

    Orcas’ Behind Closed Tanks Imagine you are a four to eight year old child and you are on vacation with your family entering into a SeaWorld. The excitement has been building up from the commercials that show you these huge and majestic animals that are not like the everyday animal you see on a daily basis. The commercials have a way of taking your imagination to another level, and any child even an adult is at awe with the level of performance these orcas’ are putting on.…

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  • Summary Of The Documentary Blackfish

    story of Tilikum the movie explains his life in captivity and his incidents with the trainers at SeaWorld highlighting his interactions with Daniel Dukes and Dawn Brancheau (CNN Blackfish). The movie sparked interest in not only animal activist but also in many families and organizations. The news of SeaWorld 's mistreatment towards its star marine animals raised suspicion in whether or not SeaWorld 's actions were humane and necessary. The entertainment that the orca whales have brought to the…

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  • Aristotle's Ethos In Blackfish

    In 2010 at SeaWorld Orlando, Dawn Brancheau was brutally attacked by a SeaWorld orca named Tilikum. Blackfish is about Tilikum the orca and his conditions at SeaWorld and others left in captivity for years. Aristotle’s notion of proof was used in this documentary through logos being very informative of the mistreatment of the orcas. Next, they use pathos through the trainers sharing emotional details and interviews of the victim’s family. Lastly, they used ethos by having people that actually…

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  • Killer Whales In Captivity Essay

    aquariums like Seaworld provide. For example, the director of the movie Blackfish responded to claims that a Seaworld trainer made about the issue of whale capacity. The trainer stated that “we as humans should not differentiate based on the intelligence level” and the director came back saying “the evidence on animals intelligence in level in captivity proves that the higher the intelligence the more negatively the social structure is impacted”. The director is saying that claims by Seaworld…

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  • Orca Captivity

    As of December 2012, 138 reported cases of captive orca attacks upon trainers and visiting pedestrians at SeaWorld and other marine mammal parks have been recorded, three of which resulted in death. The number of reported cases of orca attacks upon humans in the wild is zero (Orca Home). PETA, SeaWorld of Hurt, the Orca Project, and various other organizations contend that SeaWorld 's detainment of orcas for the purposes of entertainment is abusive and violates multiple animal rights. The Orca…

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  • Blackfish Research Paper

    SeaWorld. We have all heard the name, considering they were once one of the most successful amusement parks in the world. Everyone wanted to come see Shamu, the huge majestic killer whale, do tricks so close to us we could get soaked. The whales always seemed to be in sync with the performers; we thought nothing could top getting splashed by gallons of water by a humongous whale. Unfortunately, in recent years, the saying “all press is good press” has not seemed to apply to SeaWorld. In 2013,…

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  • The Blackfish Effect

    the documentary came out it had impacted many people’s opinions on Seaworld and their whole motive. Blackfish was an eye opener to show the living conditions of these orcas. Seaworld has received many hateful comments. Now all they want to do is try to fix the situation for the animals and their image. Seaworld responded in different ways, some that were good and some that weren’t at all. Blackfish caused a lot of damage for Seaworld, if I was Gabriela Cowperthaite I would be proud. That my…

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  • Orca Essay

    Freedom for Orcas Places such as SeaWorld have been open for years intriguing the population with its spectacular shows. Millions of people visit these marine mammal parks each year looking to have an up close experience. People have the chance to swim with dolphins or go on one of the multiple roller coasters. SeaWorld mesmerizes the public with its numerous marine shows, but the show that makes SeaWorld stand out from the rest is the Shamu Show. Orcas are the main attraction for this show.…

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  • Brief Summary Of The Documentary 'Blackfish'

    Blackfish The documentary “Blackfish” is mainly about an orca named Tilikum and his life as a performing whale at seaworld. Tilikum was separated from his family when he was at the age of two. While capturing him, the other orcas kept on making sounds to communicate with Tilikum. Shortly he was placed into Sealand, a much more smaller version of seaworld. Tilikum would perform most often, and train the other times. When training he would get raked, when a whale scratches another whale with…

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  • Blackfish: Documentary Analysis

    shone upon SeaWorld. SeaWorld is a family entertainment company and theme park chain with locations throughout the United States. They currently keep around 28 killer whales, 44 dolphins, 4 pilot whales, and many other varieties of marine mammals in captivity(CETA, "Captive Dolphins (Living)…”; WDC, "The Fate of Captive Orcas.") They keep these massive creatures in concrete tanks that to these mammals are about the size of a bathtub. In the past 10 years 62 dolphins have died within SeaWorld,…

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