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  • Blackfish Analysis

    SeaWorld is a multi-million dollar corporation that serves as home for 23 of arguably some of the oceans’ most beautiful creatures. Blackfish is trying to change that with a very captivating argument. Although emotionally compelling, Blackfish is an invalid argument against captivity, It offers a solution and demonstrates practicality, which makes it an argument of policy. However, it is not a valid one, for it lacks a strong and reliable foundation of evidence to support its reasoning for the…

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  • Blackfish Persuasive Essay

    of course, Tilikum, the killer whale who stared in Blackfish. The thirty-five-year-old SeaWorld Orlando “employee” mysteriously died on January 6. Naturally, the death has sparked debate, as Blackfish portrayed the whale as a misunderstood and mistreated prisoner who murdered three people out of anger towards his captors. However, the sensationalist media has made a tragedy out of something inevitable. SeaWorld should not be blamed for keeping whales in captivity because the history of animal…

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  • The Effects Of Incest On Whales

    Not only does SeaWorld separate the mothers from their calves, but they also force incest among the whales. Like our own species, incest is seen as taboo to whales. Hargrove explained that one female whale Katina was mated with her son Taku, creating the calf named Nalani. Katina refused to accept Nalani after her birth. Another instance of this was with a whale named Kohana who bred with her uncle Keto two different times. Kohana rejected both of those offspring (Hargrove). It is clear that…

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  • Persuasive Essay On Aquariums

    A lot of people think that SeaWorld is mistreating their animals and do not care for the safety of their workers due to a recent documentary called Blackfish. It was released to convince people that SeaWorld was mistreating their animals and have dangerous working conditions for their employees. However most of this is false information. The sole purpose of this documentary was to manipulate people into believing that SeaWorld should be shut down because it is mistreating animals…

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  • Rhetoric Techniques In The Film Blackfish

    One of the first claims that SeaWorld makes is that Blackfish’s information is dated. There is validity to that claim: after all, Blackfish relies on trainers who had their heydays in the 1990s. Yet SeaWorld’s scientific evidence is equally dated. SeaWorld backs many of its claims with a paper written in 1998 by Dr. Ingrid Visser. Dr. Ingrid Visser, whose work was cited without her permission…

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  • Essay On Wildlife In Captivity

    wildlife in entertainment is fascinating. However, what we do not know, is the way these animals are being treated behind closed doors. Since 1959, SeaWorld has made it seem, as if it is an incredible place for their marine animals. Though, what SeaWorld does not advertise, is how these animals have been captured by SeaWorld’s own poachers. Now SeaWorld is not the only entertainment park that exploits their wild animals for entertainment. There a number of carnivals and circus animals that are…

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  • Why Killer Whales Should Be Kept In Captivity Essay

    SeaWorld of Hurt The growing argument over if killer whales should or should not be kept in captivity is becoming more widespread and well-known, simply because of attractions like SeaWorld and improving technology that extend further opportunities for research. The first article Why Killer Whales Shouldn’t Be Kept in Captivity by the SOS Dolphins organization, written August 7th, 2017, portrays an argument over the negative effects of using Orcas on display in captivity. The second article…

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  • Blackfish Film Review

    Brookwell, Gabriela Cowpertwaite, Erica Kahn, Manny Oteyza, Tim Zimmermann. Gabriela Cowperthwaite is also the director of the film. In the documentary film former SeaWorld trainers and Sealand trainers and employees, witnesses of killer whale attacks, OSHA employees, whale experts, SeaWorld’s killer whales, and employees at SeaWorld are casted in the film. With an “all-star” cast like this the points the film makes are more clear and realistic. Watching the documentary film is interesting but…

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  • Persuasive Essay On Orcas

    a bathtub for more than half of their life and they were half the size of the tub, they are bound to get little irritated and even maybe a little psychotic. It would be very uncomfortable and very cruel. SeaWorld is doing just that to their Killer Whales. In recent years the topic of SeaWorld holding Orcas captive for entertainment purposes has been very controversial. Orcas being captured needs to be ceased. Going back to 1970, Puget Sound, WA was when they captured the first whales for…

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  • Propaganda In The Movie Blackfish

    portraying captive killer whales that are made to look like they are suffering only due to the fact that Blackfish is nothing more than propaganda. The movie Blackfish shows only scenes that are meant to make a person feel strong emotions against SeaWorld. In the beginning of Blackfish a man by the name of Howard Garrett, an orca researcher, talked about how they captured these orcas. He explains that they would find a group of orcas with the babies and follow them. They would use bombs to scare…

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