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  • Orca Encounters

    “Orca Encounters”, sparked my interest and led me to question just how humane our social and cultural traditions have become. Once killed by fishermen and believed to be a dangerous creature, the orca has grown to become the most viewed performer at SeaWorld shows. Being the largest predator held in captivity, researchers have proven that these powerful creatures are ill-served by public exhibition. Factly, orcas do no adjust to nor belong in captivity. A study on survivorship rates of several…

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  • Summary: The Importance Of Whales In Captivity

    the wild and making the orca their entertainment slave so they can gain a profit. What they are doing is inhumane and also not healthy for these orcas. Seaworld and other parks want to entertain people and make money, so they take orcas from the wild and breed them. These orcas are placed in small tanks causing them to have stress and anger. Seaworld plans to make two bigger tanks and ban breeding, but more action needs to be taken for these innocent orcas that…

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  • Informative Essay: The Use Of Animals In Captivity

    All around the world animals are held in captivity for the sole purpose of gaining revenue through entertainment, but by enclosing these animals in small jail cell type configurations, animals are being revoked of their chance to live and grow in natural environments. Animals who are stripped of their rights and chance to grow and thrive in a natural way usually end up developing physical and mental health issues and are more susceptible to problematic diseases. The use of animals in captivity…

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  • Blackfish Argumentative Analysis

    This film is focuses on the captivity of the orca whales in SeaWorld, but it lead people to question how the animals were being treated inside of zoos and other aquaria. In the film of they mention that the life span of the orca whale is much shorter when they are living in captivity. The average orca whale lives up to be 100 years old if it is a female, and up to 60 if it is a male. Unfortunately, the average life span of the orcas at SeaWorld ranges from 25-30. The whales seem to die nearly…

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  • Captivity Of Orca Essay

    As of September 2015, there were 58 orcas held in captivity from Orlando to Russia to Japan, in 15 different locations (These facilities are keeping orcas captive). Seaworld is home to a majority of these orcas, holding 23 of the 58 in their three different locations, Orlando, San Antonio and San Diego (WDC). Many experts and professionals feel as if the orcas are being held in conditions that are unacceptable for both the physical and mental health of the whales. The captivity of orcas is…

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  • Orcas Should Not Be Allowed In Captivity

    they are away from their families this means that they can get homesick and die at an early age. This is not good for the orcas because then they won’t live long. Did you know that in the article “should orca shows be banned,” a studied was done at SeaWorld and the longest living orca was 40 years old. But then in the wild an orca can live to 90 years old. This proves that when the orcas are in captivity they have a higher chance of dying early then in the wild. Also, many orcas live with their…

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  • Blackfish Reflection

    I watched the documentary Blackfish written by Gabriela Cowperthwaite and Eli B. Despres for the second time last week. The documentary is about Tilikum, an orca that killed three people at SeaWorld. The directors wanted to build a case against using wild animals for commercial value and against keeping wild animals in captivity. The first time I watched the film was shortly after it came out in 2013. I was sitting in my family room with my two friends who had seen it before and had strong…

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  • Sesame Street Lifeguard Report

    I work for a little known Seaworld park, Sesame Place. Yes, a theme park dedicated to the treasured childhood show Sesame Street. While childish, the park is operated by guidelines and policies instituted across all other parks. I happen to work in Aquatic Operations, or simply put I am a Lifeguard. I am one of nearly 200 lifeguards who are on the sesonal payroll in the park. We are all American Red Cross (ARC) certified guards, in an ARC accredited park. This means that we undergo yearly…

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  • Tilikum Research Paper

    Studies have discovered that orcas in their natural habitat live a life span as long as humans. Tilikum perished in captivity at less than half of this age. During his restraint, he had been responsible for the death of three people. SeaLand and SeaWorld did not place the blame on the whale, but instead labeled all incidents as the trainer’s error. In reality, the blame should have been placed on the parks. They are the ones responsible for capturing the whales and not properly informing…

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  • Tilikum Tragedy

    Tilikum was moved to SeaWorld in Orlando, Florida. Reading this, some might think that Tilikum is a monster, and that the trainee was the only victim in this situation. And that may be true, but it's important to look at other factors as well, such as the treatment the orcas were receiving in their habitats, how being in captivity tampered with their natural instinct. The death was a tragedy, one that could have been prevented. From the audience, watching a whale show at SeaWorld is a fun,…

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