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  • The Importance Of Whales In Captivity

    Whales Whales in captivity is a horrible thing because the whales are separated from their familie, are forced to perform in front of screaming audiences, and they can act out and hurt humans and each other in small spaces. Male orca whales have collapsed dorsal fins. When there in the wild there dorsal fin stays straight up. When there in captivity there dorsal fin collapses. This is most likely because they are cramped up in a tight place so they can’t swim freely. The orca’s also…

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  • Argument Against Seaworld

    against SeaWorld and claim they abuse their Orca whales however SeaWorld says otherwise. Some of the people who disagree with SeaWorld are a part of PETA, which made a statement claiming SeaWorld injects their orcas with drugs that force them to do as their trainers command. SeaWorld defends their facility by releasing detailed information about how their killer whales are treated. SeaWorld provides information on how they treat their whales and PETA is persistent and is opposing to what…

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  • The Importance Of Time For Seaworld

    Time for SeaWorld to Throw in the Towel How would you like to live your whole life in a bathtub? Well, that is how the orcas at SeaWorld live. SeaWorld has been wrongfully containing and mistreating animals since the early 1960’s. Orcas are natural predators and do not belong in captivity (National Geographic 1). Yet, SeaWorld chooses to keep twenty-three of them in their three parks in the United States (Whale and Dolphin Conservation 2). SeaWorld does not only wrongfully contain orcas,…

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  • Seaworld Argumentative Essay

    Big Whale, Little Pool Did you know that 38 orcas at Seaworld have died prematurely and not one in captivity has reached its maximum life span? Recently, there has been controversy surrounding SeaWorld’s use of killer whales in shows. I believe that SeaWorld should not be allowed to keep these majestic animals for entertainment purpose because it is unnatural for these animals to live in such confined spaces and dangerous for the trainers, the public, and the whales. First and Foremost, using…

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  • Seaworld Research Paper

    SeaWorld was originally supposed to be an underwater restaurant but the concept grew into a marine zoological park on twenty one acres off the shore of Mission Bay in San Diego. In 1964, the gates of SeaWorld open for the very first time. SeaWorld was founded by George Millay, Milt Shedd, and Davis DeMott. The initial investment of SeaWorld was $1.5 million, 45 employees, several dolphins, sea lions, and two saltwater aquariums. Although SeaWorld opened with dolphins and sea lions, the…

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  • Seaworld Blackfish Summary

    Seaworld Struggles to Recover from “Blackfish” Many of us have seen the documentary “Blackfish”. Whether or not you agree or disagree with Seaworld and their practices, one thing is for sure, Seaworld’s sales are hurting and it is all thanks to “Blackfish”. The documentary “Blackfish” surrounds the orca ‘Tilikum’ who is currently held in captivity at Seaworld, Orlando. For the past two years, Seaworld has been struggling desperately to bring up profits and attendance through marketing,…

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  • Ethical Issues In Seaworld

    Orca whales in Seaworld. This company came under fire when the documentary delved into the inner workings of the keeping of Orca…

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  • Argumentative Essay On Seaworld

    Seaworld: An Animals Hell Seaworld is a theme park located in Orlando, Florida. This park was founded in 1959, when there was little knowledge of orcas and their capabilities aside from them being big and scary. Due to not knowing much, the founders did not understand that this kind of captivity would drive orcas to do terrible things, cause major stress to their dolphins, and end up harming animals more than helping. Now, in 2016, scientists have discovered so much more about orcas and animals…

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  • Positive Effects Of Orcas In Captivity

    Ever wonder what goes on behind the scenes of the killer whale shows at SeaWorld? So much preparation goes into the shows at SeaWorld. This causes frustration within the whales that can result in whales acting out on other whales and SeaWorld trainers. So, is captivity good for the orcas? Despite the fact that millions of people go to SeaWorld every year to see the killer whales, the animals are actually mistreated. If SeaWorld doesn’t change their ways, then orcas shouldn’t be in captivity any…

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  • Animal Cruelty In Seaworld

    have left animals to rot in their cramped cages when they die; left animals unfed, untreated for wounds; or left in areas so minuscule they cause psychological trauma. Seaworld has some of the worst cases of animal cruelty on documentation. One of the most notorious cases of animal cruelty in Seaworld is their care of orcas. Seaworld keeps orcas in containers inadequate for their size. At night, the orcas are placed in a cramped shelter barely big enough for one orca, the next day many orcas are…

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