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  • Write An Essay On Captive Animals

    Animals used in circuses spend most of their lives chained inside boxcars and never get to live without restrictions. In zoos, animals often live in enclosures or cages that are many times smaller than their homes in the wild. In marine parks like SeaWorld, orcas are given what is, all in all, a concrete bathtub to live in. Elephants are clever, considerate, and affectionate animals. They have the largest brains of any land animal. They care about each other and can become depressed when they…

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  • Ethos In Blackfish

    In the documentary Blackfish, the director is Gabriela Cowperthwaite, and when she created the documentary, she used ethos, pathos, and logos to described how SeaWorld treats the killer whales. An example of pathos in the documentary is when SeaWorld went to go capture the baby killer whales from the wild, they would take the calves away from their mom by following the adult killer whales that they believed were the moms, so that the mother and the calf can use another path to escape, which…

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  • Tilikum Blackfish Ethical Issues

    years old, believes: Blackfish is a documentary that opened a lot of eyes to what was really going on at SeaWorld. Behind the smiles and laughter of children and the excitement of rides and seeing beautiful animals, there is sadness and darkness. Those beautiful animals are enslaved and enclosed in an environment that is not natural or healthy for their wild spirits. Blackfish showed SeaWorld for who they truly are, animal abusers; the whales they pride themselves on displaying deserve better…

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  • Sea World Film Analysis

    What are the main arguments found in the film? Some of the main arguments found in the film is the way Sea World treats their animals. Another would be the disagreements of how the trainers feel about the whales treatment vs the owners of the company. The trainers know and work with the animals everyday growing a bond with them, while the owners are afraid of them and should really be doing their research on the whales to know everything about them. They should know the facts about the whales…

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  • Research Paper On Seatold

    Conservation) organization, at least 44 orcas have died in SeaWorld. There is at least 40 killer whales that are still in captivity (Killer Whales in Captivity, 1). Within 30 years, there has been 3 deaths at SeaWorld. It was caused by the same killer whale. The killer whale is called Tilikum (10 things you didn’t know about SeaWorld, 1). Tilikum was the start of why the audience started to question what was going on behind the gates. SeaWorld has been known to bring fun into family’s lives…

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  • The Pros And Cons Of Blackfish

    freedom on earth. It is humanity’s responsibility.” There are many pros of SeaWorld that people know about and enjoy, but on the other hand there are a lot of cons. The killer whales that SeaWorld is holding in captivity have emotions that are being changed because they can’t have the full experience on how to really live. The truth about SeaWorld is covered up and the director of this film wants the concealed secret of SeaWorld to finally come out. By using ethos, pathos and logos in the film…

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  • Advantages And Disadvantages Of Orca Captivity

    Should Orcas Be Set Free? Many people can probably say they have been to a Shamu show at SeaWorld. They probably sat and watched how the magnificent Killer Whales do everything their trainer 's say. It’s amazing how well they listen and are able to learn all the different motions. In the 1960’s, Orcas began being hunted and sold to amusement parks for millions of dollars. They are pack animals, and travel together within their pod. Orcas are taken from their families, are underfed, and spend…

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  • How Do Sea World Regulate Whales

    David Perle from PETA points out that “orcas in the wild do not regurgitate their food although they constantly do at SeaWorld, betraying their frustration and causing a health…

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  • Essay On Seaworld

    types of animals in the world. We must realize putting animals on display does not always make for the best experience. Seaworld, a theme park that often exposes marine life, gives the public countless opportunities to learn. That being said, the wildlife showcased are endangered and trapped everyday of their lives. Animals should be entitled to freedom just as much as we are. Seaworld and other animal themed parks have promoted our curiosity starting around our childhood. As a kid, seeing the…

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  • Blackfish Critique

    It honestly feels like SeaWorld spent thirty minutes or less on this and just posted it on their websites. The entire article is spent trying to shift focus away from what SeaWorld does wrong and instead redirect focus onto what Blackfish does wrong. In the same article multiple times they state that “Blackfish” makes false statements about the circumstances…

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