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  • The Psychological Effects On Killer Whales In Captivity

    grouping whales together is an equally poor decision. Each SeaWorld facility in the United States houses a range of six to ten whales (The Orca Project). Often, whales are confined in small holding tanks with others that are foreigners to them. The matriarchal structure found in whale pods is diminished and as a result the whales often react in aggressive behaviors. SeaWorld breeding program is a serious problem and it is growing worse. SeaWorld owns 29 orcas; 23…

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  • Blackfish: The Killer Whales At Seaworld

    Blackfish released on July 19, 2013 by the producer Gabriela Cowperthwaite. The film shows orcas being trapped in SeaWorld for human entertainment. They are trapped in small swimming pools where they have no place to hide or no place where they can be away from the rest of the orcas. The argument it makes is that orcas should be free and not in pools. The trainers at SeaWorld believe that SeaWorld should close and let all the killer whales live their rest of their life in the ocean where they…

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  • Summary: Prejudice Against Seaworld

    Prejudice Against SeaWorld Do you know what a vaquita is? If you don’t, I’ll explain it later. As the next generation, we should not condemn SeaWorld for the caretaking of captive orcas. This organization never broke the law in obtaining what few wild orcas they own. Most of the orcas in SeaWorld have been born using their groundbreaking breeding program and have never experienced the ocean, pollution, or hunger. The orcas in captivity receive the best medical attention in the world and help…

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  • Argumentative Essay On Orcas At Seaworld

    SeaWorld is a billion dollar entertainment industry and rehabilitation center for injured and orphaned animals. “Blackfish” a film by Gabriela Cowperthwaite is inspired mainly by the events surrounding Tilikum, a bull orca weighing over 12,000 pounds currently owned by Seaworld. The purpose of the film is to expose the wrongful captivity of Orcas at SeaWorld. In the beginning of the film, trainers share the way they came to the industry. Their love and respect for the beauty of whales inspired…

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  • The Harmful Effects Of Captivity Of Animals In Seaworld

    expose the corrupt practices of SeaWorld and the harmful effects of captivity on animal behavior. SeaWorld exhibits many practices that are…

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  • Seaworld: An Informative Speech Analysis

    Portfolio Speech Brief Write 400 words. You are writing an informative speech that you can present to young adults at secondary school. Through your speech you must inform the listener of the controversial situation at SeaWorld. You are to include statistics, examples and your opinion. Use personal experience to connect to the listener. Be specific, the audience must be fully aware of the information you are giving. Due to the age group you are to be informal but still informative. Although the…

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  • Reasons Orcas Dont Belong At Seaworld

    it talked about how it wasn’t until t5his incident trainers swam and trained with the whales ( Benjamin Wallace, Seaworld Breached). While doing some research I found an article about Seaworld and what happens to killer whales there, that usually won’t happen. On average, an Orca’s life span is usually 30-50 years, while in captivity 15 years( 8 Reasons Orcas Don’t Belong at Seaworld, PETA). Like in the documentary it is talked about the collapsed dorsal fin, how that just a little indicator…

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  • Personal Narrative: My Place At Seaworld

    favorite place it is SeaWorld because people are so joyful there and it is a really pleasant place to go to if you need to go on a vacation this spring break or this summer. Now I will be talking about their activities there what you could do there when you go there you want to. I would also talk about the appearance like how it looks and more. Mostly but not least I will be talking about their food like what they eat in Florida or do they eat the same food like we already do now. SeaWorld has…

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  • Summary: Tilikum Kill A Seaworld Aquarium

    and put into separate tanks. This can make them angry and sad. Just because they’re animals doesn’t mean they’re not intelligent enough to feel the pain of losing someone in their family and not seeing them in years. An orca named Tilikum killed a SeaWorld…

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  • Analysis Of After Seaworld, A Blackfish Effect On Circuses And Zoos

    The article “After SeaWorld, a ‘Blackfish effect’ on circuses and zoos?” by Kelly Wallace has gotten a lot of people feeling mixed emotions. In this article it says, “the public has completely changed its opinion on exploiting and killing animals for entertainment.” In SeaWorld animals are being killed and parents are not ok with this. This is no longer fun and educational for their kids. SeaWorld has banned the use of the bullhook which is a tool that helps handle and train the elephants. This…

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